Dumpster Permits

When You Need One and How to Get It

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What Is a Dumpster Permit?

A dumpster permit is a document issued by a city or county to a resident or contractor who wants to rent a roll off dumpster. Whether or not you need a permit — and the type of permit required — varies by municipality and where you plan to keep your dumpster while you work.

Common Permit Names

Just like permit requirements vary by town, the name of the permit you need can vary too.

Some of the more common permit names are:

• Street Closing Permit
• Lane Closure Permit
• Street Use/Temporary Use Permit
• Dumpster Permit
• Right-of-Way Permit
• Encroachment Permit

When Do I Need a Dumpster Permit?

If Your Dumpster Will Block the Street or Sidewalk

Keeping your roll off dumpster in the street or on the sidewalk are the most common reasons you may need a permit. This is particularly true if your bin will block a public right-of-way.

Even a 10 yard dumpster can be a hazard to motorists, obstruct vision or interfere with work done by city road crews. A dumpster placement permit ensures city officials are aware of the temporary on-street placement and holds the resident or contractor accountable for any rules or regulations that aren’t followed.

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In certain situations, you may not need a permit to keep your bin in a public right-of-way. But you might need to notify the local administration building or police department. Your local government office will let you know which permit you need, if any, and who you need to speak to.

When you call to order, one of our expert team members will help you choose the best place to deliver your roll off dumpster. If your town doesn’t allow street placement, or you want to avoid filling out a dumpster permit application, we’ll work with you to find a way to place your dumpster on private property.

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If You’re Keeping Your Bin in Your Driveway

It’s not common, but some cities have dumpster placement laws about parking your bin on private property, such as your driveway. If that’s the case, you may need a dumpster permit even if your bin isn’t encroaching on a sidewalk or public street.

If You’re Part of a Homeowners Association

A homeowners association, or HOA, enforces rules and bylaws for members living in a self-governed neighborhood, condo community or co-op. They may have certain permits or restrictions related to roll off dumpsters, even if the municipality doesn’t. If you live in a community governed by an HOA, you must abide by its terms and fees.

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How Do I Apply for a Dumpster Permit?

Some cities make it easier to find what you're looking for than others. Here are a few methods to search for a dumpster permit application.

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Check the Website of Your City or Town

Most local government websites have a page that lists available permits. First, see if your town’s website has a “How Do I?” tab at the top. An “Apply for permit” link may be there.

Other websites list permits on department pages. Check the pages for the Public Works, Building, Zoning, Planning and Development, or Street departments. If the website has a search bar, try searching for terms like “dumpster,” “dumpster permit,” “right-of-way” or “permits.”

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We want to save you time on your project, so whenever possible, we've tried to find the correct permit or department to contact for you! Search your zip code and check out the Frequently Asked Questions for your town to see if we already have a link to the required dumpster permit in your area.

Find More Detailed Permit Information in Your Area

Contact Your Municipality

If you can’t find a dumpster permit application online, the next best option is to call your local government office. The department that handles permits varies from city to city, but some common departments include:

  • Clerk’s Office
  • Public Works Department
  • Building Department
  • Zoning Department
  • Planning and Development Department
  • Street Department
  • Police Department

Calling your local government gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get the most detailed information. You can also discuss options with local officials if street placement isn’t allowed.

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Contact Your HOA

Finding the contact info for your HOA isn’t always a simple task. Unless you already have it handy, you’ll have to do some digging. Search your community’s name or subdivision through your county recorder’s office or the state division of corporations. The name should be on your property deed or mortgage.

You're looking for your HOA’s declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, or CC&R. These documents should include your HOA board's location and contact information, as well as any bylaws and restrictions.

If you’re still having trouble finding what you need, try calling your real estate agent or title company to get the info.

Reach Out to Budget Dumpster

Our team has extensive experience working in the communities we serve. While we can’t issue the dumpster placement permit you need, we'll let you know if you need a permit, the type of permit you need and how you can get one. Call us at 833-554-4499 to speak to a member of our team.

Some local governments require the dumpster rental service to get the permit instead of the homeowner. We’ll let you know when you order your roll off dumpster if applying for a permit is your responsibility or ours.

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When Should I Get My Dumpster Permit?

You will need any necessary permits after you’ve ordered your dumpster rental, but before it’s delivered. Be sure to factor approval time into your cleanup project timeline. Processing times vary between cities. We recommend applying for a permit at least one week before your scheduled delivery date. While most applications take a day to be approved, it may take time to enforce no parking zones and create space on the street for your dumpster.

In some cities, we may need a copy of your permit or the permit number to finalize your order. Our team member will let you know if this is the case. If it is, be sure to reach out right away with your permit information to prevent any service delays.

If you have questions about where to place your dumpster, give our team a call. Our dumpster rental experts will walk you through the process and help you select the best spot for your roll off container.

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Have Questions About Dumpster Permits in Your Area?

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