When it comes to renting a dumpster in Atlanta, there a few things you should know. As a dumpster rental company with a local hub in Atlanta, we find it our responsibility to get the word out there about how renting a dumpster works and what types of jobs require the use of a dumpster. You may need a dumpster for your project and not realize it until it’s too late. If you want to know how to get the most out of your Atlanta dumpster rental, keep on reading!

Who uses dumpsters?

rent a dumpster in Atlanta

  • Homeowners
  • Contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Landlords
  • Professional Cleaners

You would be surprised at the different types of people who can benefit from renting a dumpster. When I first started in this business I had no idea how helpful a dumpster rental could really be and even now I’m still learning more about the types of people who use our dumpsters. If you need to get rid of a large amount of household waste or construction debris, renting a dumpster is the easiest way to go.

From experienced contractors, to first time homeowners and landlords, we have worked with many different people and many different types of waste removal. Our Atlanta dumpsters range in size from 12 yards to 40 yards and can handle all different types of debris. Whether you’re a contractor who needs a dumpster for construction debris or a homeowner who is looking to clean out a basement or remodel a bathroom, we can help.

What items are prohibited?dumpster rental in Atlanta

We are unable to accept any kinds of hazardous or flammable materials in our dumpsters. If the item can be deemed hazardous by the EPA, we cannot accept it inside our roll-off containers. If you need to dispose of household hazardous waste in Atlanta, click here. Keep in mind that you are responsible for everything that goes into your dumpster while the container is in your hands.

Depending on what county you are having the dumpster delivered to, we have different prohibited items. We will explain what you cannot place in our dumpsters at the time you place your order. In most of the counties in Atlanta, we will charge an extra fee for mattresses, box-springs, televisions, and monitors. Also, we can usually only accept two electronic items per dumpster. If you need to get rid of a large amount of electronics, please let us know when you place the order.

Where can I place a dumpster?placing a dumpster in Atlanta

We usually recommend to our residential customers to have the container placed in the driveway. We have the ability to place a dumpster on grass, but it will cause damage to the yard. Depending on where you are in Atlanta, we may also be able to place a dumpster in the street, but you will need to obtain a permit from the city.

The best bet for a dumpster placement is to have it placed on a flat driveway. Our drivers are unable to enter a driveway with cars in it, so please make sure the driveway is clear of any and all obstructions when it comes time for our driver to deliver the container. At the time you place your order, our customer service rep will ask where you would like the dumpster to be placed and this is when you’ll want to be as specific as possible.

How do I order a dumpster?how to rent a dumpster in Atlanta

Ordering a dumpster in Atlanta is easy when you call us. Our customer service representative will walk you through the entire process of renting a dumpster. If you need help deciding what size to get for your project, we can help. If you know exactly what you want and how you want your dumpster to be placed, we can have your dumpster paid for, ordered, and put on schedule for delivery in about 10 minutes.

When you’re ready to order a dumpster in Atlanta, call Budget Dumpster. If you have any questions that we may have missed, let us know in the comments below!