Buying and selling used furniture online is nothing new. Industry mainstays like Craigslist and Etsy have been doing so for years, providing an affordable option to deck out your NYC pad. The exchange of furniture between average, everyday people is easier than ever, but that’s not to say it’s without flaws. Reliability of the buyer/seller, transporting items and the overall quality of the furniture are all common issues.

Move Loot wants to change that. Founded in 2013, the second-hand furniture retailer seeks to create a customer experience that is effortless and enjoyable. Their goal of providing affordable and stylish furniture has now expanded to eight cities, Brooklyn being the newest of the bunch.

How Move Loot Works

Remember when we were discussing reliability and other issues associated with used furniture buying? You should, it was four sentences ago. It turns out, Move Loot is about as easy as reading this blog post. You simply sign up as you would on just about every other site on the interwebs, filling out basic information like your name and email. If you want to sell, you simply create a list of the items on the chopping block. You don’t even have to take photos. Move Loot will get back to you with what items were accepted and arrange a pickup date so they can come get your furniture. From there, it’s really all on their plate.  They take photos and post your items. When a piece of furniture sells, you get the greenbacks. So simple.

Move Loot

Buying is even easier. You shop like you would at a typical online retail store. Move Loot even comes to your house to drop off all of your sweet, new furniture and assembles it if necessary. All they ask for is a margin of the sale (you probably knew that). Pretty cool, huh?

Move Loot has reliability down pat, already amassing thousands of happy customers in several market. Move Loot has the transportation issue solved, simply doing it all themselves with industry pros. Move Loot has quality on lock, only accepting items that others will actually want to buy. Sounds like the problem has officially been solved.

Move Loot Picks Brooklyn

It’s only two years old, but Move Loot has expanded to cities spread across the United States. Thanks to exponential growth in such a short time, NYC has entered the picture in a major way. A 20,000 square foot warehouse at 57 Caton Place in Brooklyn will play as the company’s first real presence in the northeast. The building will bring new employment opportunities to the area and expand Move Loot’s local reach.

Move Loot Locations

Brooklyn has the potential to become a centerpiece for the company, as they try to become a predominant figure in secondary furniture market. The competition looms large, but Move Loot’s full-service approach offers something fresh to NYC residents and beyond.