If you need some help getting organized at home, it can be tough to decide where you should start. Whether you need some help in the kitchen, the garage, the closet, the laundry room or you just need help storing all your media equipment, we are here to help. Here are some great organizing tips for every room in your home.

The Kitchen

  • Use a tension under your sink to hang cleaning products
  • Hang a strip of magnet to store knives
  • Store saran wrap, wax paper and foil inside a magazine holder
  • Use a magazine rack to store pot lids
  • Put spices in clear containers and attach magnets to keep them on the fridge
  • Use a peg board to hang kitchen utensils
  • Put a lazy Susan in your fridge

The Garage

  • Use bungee cords to keep balls in place
  • A pegboard with moveable hooks can organize sports equipment
  • Store large storage bins on the ceiling
  • Nail the lids of mason jars to the bottom a shelf and keep small items in the jars
  • Rent a roll-off dumpster and toss out everything you haven’t used in the last year

The Closet

  • Use shower curtain hooks to hang purses
  • Hang jewelry on the inside of the door with command hooks
  • Cut pool noodles in half and use them keep boots upright
  • Hang boots by pant hangers
  • Store sheets inside their matching pillowcases
  • Use divider shelves to store sweaters
  • Turn your hangers backwards in the closet and once you wear them, turn the hangars the right way and after a year, you’ll be able to see what you haven’t worn.

The Laundry Room

  • Hang a shoe organizer on the door to store cleaning supplies
  • Make a pressing surface to replace your ironing board
  • Put your washer and dryer on a shelf with room for baskets underneath
  • Hang a tension rod to let your clothes air dry
  • Stack laundry baskets inside shelves for easy sorting

All Media

  • An ottoman with a lid can hold controllers and all other small things
  • Put DVDs in 8”x6” storage boxes
  • Hang a basket under a desk to keep power strips off the ground
  • Label all your cords
  • Use an old book to disguise cords

Now next time you walk into your home and can’t figure out where to start, follow our simple guidelines. If you do decide to use our tips, please let us know how it all worked out. Don’t forget to leave us a comment in the section below and feel free to browse our entire site. Thanks!