Whether you are remodeling a half bath or a master bathroom, it is no small undertaking. Before you rip out the tub or remove tile, we have some advice to consider before you remodel a bathroom.

What will be the bathroom remodeling cost?

This is probably the very first question you should ask yourself. Not just for a bathroom remodel, but for any home improvement project. Before you start the remodeling process, it’s best to create a budget and stick to it. A budget is a good way to keep contractors under control and keep your wants and needs in align before it’s too late.

The average cost of a bathroom remodel for a homeowner is typically between $5,000 and $13,000. Setting a strict budget will help you with making tough decisions.

What do I need and what do I want for my bathroom remodel?

In the bathroom, you obviously need a sink, toilet, cabinets and lighting. Whether you’re remodeling a full or half bath will depend on the amenities you want or need. If it’s a full bath, you may want a glass shower or a relaxing bath tub. Or if you were watching a remodeling t.v. show, you may want to replicate the bathroom they created. Before you jump into the project, you need to prioritize what your wants and needs are. As long as you have created a budget for yourself, some of these decisions might be easier to make.

Also consider where the bathroom is and who will be using it. A master bathroom may have different amenities than a bathroom outside the living room.

What is the function of the bathroom and who will be using it?

Something one may not consider is that certain bathrooms have different functions than others. A person may only use the bathroom to shower and get on their way. While others may use the bath tub for relaxation. Some may use the bathroom as the main room to get ready in.

Another thing to consider is the age of the people who will be using the bathroom. If you have young children, you may want to consider how many sinks you need installed. On the other hand, if there are elderly adults using the bathroom you may need special amenities. This might include certain railing installments or toilet alterations. You must also consider how many people will be using the bathroom. If you have three younger children getting ready for school every day, you may want to consider how much space there will be to move freely.

How long will the bathroom remodeling last?

The bathroom is a high traffic area so it’s important to consider how long the remodeling process will take. Not being able to use a second bathroom might be a bigger nuisance for a family of five than for newlyweds.

Am I remodeling the bathroom myself or am I hiring a contractor?

Now you have thought out all of the logistics, it’s time to decide if you want to tackle the remodel yourself, or leave it for a professional. If you plan to hire a contractor, consider some ways to save money. You may want to consider doing the demolition yourself. You can also save money by buying the materials.

Where am I putting all of the debris?

One aspect of a bathroom remodel people often forget about is where they are throwing all of the unwanted materials. Most people only consider the factors before the remodeling process, not during the actual construction. You may not want piles of debris throughout the bathroom and surrounding areas. The best option for your waste removal may be renting a residential dumpster. It will save you time and money by reducing trips to your curb and landfill.

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