Austin, Texas – For the past couple of months, the City of Austin has been improving its recycling habits in many ways. The City’s ultimate goal is to keep more trash out of landfills and its efforts the past couple of months should be recognized.

Back in July, Austin Resource Recovery started accepting used and damaged electronics from residents. “The city of Austin has a zero-waste goal,” says Lauren Hammond, a spokeswoman from The Resource Recovery Center. “We’re trying to reduce the number of trash in the landfill by 90 percent by 2040. We’re providing more opportunities to recycle items, especially things like electronics, which can have hazardous items and valuable material that could be used for something else.”

Examples of items that may be recycled:

  • Televisions
  • Computers and equipment such as keyboards and mice
  • Cell phones
  • Printers, copiers and scanners
  • Fax machines
  • Video game consoles
  • Cameras

Residents who plan to donate their electronics do not need to delete the data from them. The city has a contract set up with a Dallas-based ECS Refining to shred and store electronics for recycling. Plastic and metal components can be recycled for automotive products, garden furniture, jewelry and much more.

The Resource Recovery Center is not holding back when adding new items to the list of things that can be recycled. A month after the new electronic drop-off, the recycling facility announced that residents can now recycle all hard plastics with no extra cost. These plastic items include laundry baskets, flower pots, buckets, and lawn chairs, all in which can be placed into blue recycling bins.

However, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. You must empty and rinse all items before recycling, remove and separate any metal components from the plastics and be sure all items fit inside the blue recycling bin with the lid closed.

If you think the City of Austin has stopped with these recycling requirements, think again. Earlier this month, nearly 1,000 businesses and hotels in the City of Austin are required to recycle. “Today businesses that are 50,000 square feet or larger and then multi-family units or condos that have 25 units or more are required to meet these minimum standards with their recycling programs,” said Emlea Chanslor, from Austin Resource Recovery.

“Recycling is kind of like the gateway drug. A way to engage people in something they can feel good about,” said Susan Peterson with foundation communities, a non-profit that provides affordable housing for Austinites. I haven’t met a person yet who hates recycling says Peterson.

Here at Budget Dumpster, we applaud the recycling efforts and programs Austin has recently made. Our company also has our own set of standards when disposing of waste. We assure you that when items are thrown into our dumpster, we dispose them to the proper recycling facilities. Budget Dumpster is proud to provide people in the the city of Austin dumpster rentals.