The City of Austin has always been a place to that inspires innovative thinking with a strong focus on its citizens. In that same spirit Austin’s Solid Waste Services turned to its customers to choose a new name for the company. Solid Waste Services hoped that the new name would reflect the ideals of the company but that did not go as planned.

Over the past year area residents have been submitting and voting on various names. Early in the contest, many votes were going towards waste removal puns and even a local homeless celebrity gained serious momentum. However, about 8 months ago one submission became the overwhelming favorite.

The new name for the sanitation service was created by a 24-year-old name Kyle Hentges. The name “Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts” has received over 30,000 votes compared to the second place “Department of Neat and Clean” which has received only about 2,000 votes.


For those who are lucky enough to not know who is Fred Durst, he rose to popularity as the front man of the rock band Limp Bizkit in the 90’s. Durst is most notably known for his songs “Rollin’” “My Way” and “Break Stuff.” We are happy to hear he is now the poster child for Austin waste removal.

Hentges, the creator of the name had some candid points regarding the new name. “We’re all cleaning up each other’s [stuff]every day, and I thought naming the department after [Fred] Durst would surround the unflattering service with some humor. We’re picking up garbage and he’s been producing it for 20 years, it made sense.”

Durst himself responded favorably to his namesake sanitation service. When asked about the name change, he offered up an idea of his own. Durst said there should be a monthly “break stuff” day, where Austin residents are encouraged to break down large items and properly dispose of them.

Currently the sanitation service has not officially changed to the Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts. This is just another example of Austin thinking outside the box.