It’s been said that the heart of a home is the kitchen.

Makes sense, right? It’s one of the hardest-working spots in a home. Think about it. The kitchen is where we unload groceries, prepare meals, and for most of us, eat dinner. Not only is the kitchen one of the most popular rooms in a person’s home, it’s also one of the most valuable.

When it comes to purchasing a home, buyers are often willing to spend more for certain interior features. Many of these features involve the kitchen. Since the kitchen is a major focal point for home buyers, a kitchen island and stainless steel appliances are sought out.

Did you know that in Austin alone, a minor kitchen remodel has a return on investment (ROI) value of 100.2 percent. For a major kitchen remodel, the ROI is 87.6 percent. The national average for a minor kitchen remodel is 79.3 percent, while the national average for a major kitchen remodel is 67.8 percent. These numbers are according to the 2015 Cost vs. Value report published by Remodeling Magazine.

If you’re looking to boost your kitchen’s value, either to sell your home or for your own enjoyment, be sure to keep these tips in mind to avoid getting burned.

1. Have a Plan


We get it. You’re eager to start and you’re excited, as you should be. But a kitchen remodel is a huge undertaking, and before you go tearing down cabinets and ripping up the floor, it’s important to have a plan. You don’t want to invest in something that’s going to end up costing you more time and money, not to mention look unappealing. You’ll want to decide on a kitchen layout and sketch it out. Consider consulting with a contractor, too. Austin is filled with great contractors, including CG&S Design-Build, which will “create a new kitchen layout that optimizes the space both for family and friends while maintaining an efficient workspace for the cook.”

2. Don’t Skimp on Storage


Tired of seeing those cereal boxes on top of the refrigerator? How about the blender, juicer, toaster, and other small appliances that consume the entire counter? If only there was more space in the kitchen to store all these items, such as a pantry or kitchen island with cabinets underneath. In fact, an island is just one of many must-haves in a remodeled kitchen. Need more inspiration? Check out these 11 tips for maximizing your kitchen storage.

3. Let There Be Light

If there’s one room in your home where you can’t afford to have poor lighting, it’s the kitchen. Whether you’re handling food, sharp knives, or a hot stove, it’s important to have quality lighting. Think about the most-worked areas in your kitchen and consider adding lighting directly above those areas, such as an island, sink, or stove. If you want to provide your kitchen with some natural lighting, skylights and large windows make for a great addition as well.

4. Install a Backsplash

When designing a new kitchen or remodel, oftentimes the backsplash gets overlooked. At first you may think you don’t need one, but as soon as boiling water, grease, or spaghetti sauce ends up on the wall, you’ll wish you had one. It’s easier to clean grease and other stains off  a tile backslash than it is paint or wallpaper.

5. Rent a Dumpster


Much like a backsplash, a dumpster is oftentimes overlooked when it comes time for a kitchen remodeling project. Just ask yourself this question, ‘Where am I going to dispose of all this construction debris?’ The answer is a dumpster. Budget Dumpster is a leader in the waste removal industry, offering great customer service and the most affordable prices on residential and commercial dumpsters. Give us a call at 1-866-284-6164 Monday-Friday and save between $25 and $100 over the competition!