Coyotes spotted around Phoenix, AZ have been spreading an infectious disease known as canine distemper. This has been an issue for quite some time, but as of recently, the cases of coyotes found with this disease have been steadily increasing.

Canine distemper is a disease that affects dogs and some wild life species. It is an extremely infectious illness that can quickly turn fatal. Cats are immune to canine distemper, but dogs can easily be susceptible if they aren’t properly vaccinated. The symptoms of canine distemper closely relate to that of rabies. Animals will show anger as their central nervous system begins to shut down.

Coyotes are already a problem in Phoenix, AZ and its surrounding cities. The amount of waste and unkempt properties make Arizona a great habitat for them. Coyotes feed off of wastes and even small animals. It is crucial that as a resident in Arizona, you practice proper waste removal. This will aid in the elimination of the increasing population of coyotes and the canine distemper disease.

To protect your dogs or small animals from contracting the canine distemper disease, you will need to make sure that they are vaccinated and that the area around your home is kept free of any garbage that a coyote might be inclined to eat. Keep your pets inside when you aren’t home, and be cautious of any coyote sightings around the neighborhood. Not only are coyotes able to transfer the disease, but animals such as raccoons can as well.

According to The Star Phoenix, there have been six total deaths and illnesses related to the disease in juvenile coyotes since November 2012 that have been confirmed. The epidemic will only worsen if precautions aren’t taken. This could potentially make Phoenix, AZ a dangerous place for pets to live without worry.

Via: The Star Phoenix and Pet MD