How to Open a Dumpster Door

A roll off dumpster can be tricky to open, especially if you aren’t familiar with the locking mechanism. But once you’ve seen how it’s done, you will have no problem opening and closing your dumpster door. 

Step by Step: How to Open a Dumpster Door Latch 

Step #1: Grab the Safety Latch or Pin and lift it up. 
Step #2: Remove the Safety Chain and place it somewhere out of the way. 
Step #3: Lift the Lever and push the door open. 
Step #4: Start Filling Up Your Dumpster and call us back when it’s full.

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration:

Video Transcript
Need to know how to open a dumpster door? Budget Dumpster has you covered. The first step is to grab ahold of the dumpster's safety latch or pin and if necessary, move it over and then up. It should end up looking something like this. You'll then want to remove the safety chain from its current position and place it on the ground out of the way. Finally, take one hand and grab the dumpster's door while the other lifts up on the lever. You'll notice the door will start to open. Gently lower the lever and then push the door open. That's all it takes. You can now begin to fill up your dumpster.