How to Open a Dumpster

Workers Standing Next to Dumpster Door Latch

The Complete Guide to Opening a Dumpster Door

Loading large, heavy items is easiest when your dumpster opens at one end. But if you’ve never opened a roll off dumpster door before, it can seem a little intimidating. Once you see how it’s done, however, you’ll have no problem opening and closing your dumpster door.

How to Open a Dumpster Door

  1. To open a dumpster with a bar, lift the safety latch or pin on the side of the dumpster. You may have to push the latch over and up to release it.
  2. Remove the chain from its slot and place it on the ground.
  3. Lift the bar for the dumpster door latch and hold the door so it doesn’t swing out, or have a helper hold the door for you.
  4. Push the door open, allowing clear entry into the open dumpster.

How Does a Dumpster Door Make Loading Easier?

Open Dumpster With Ramp and Wheelbarrow Loaded With Yard Waste

Use a wheelbarrow to roll items into your open dumpster.

Workers Load Heavy Objects Into Dumpster Through Door

Walk large, heavy items into the dumpster through the open door.

Worker Loads Debris Into Dumpster Through Open Door

Stack items more efficiently to distribute their weight.

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How to Close a Dumpster Door

  1. Make sure all debris is completely inside your dumpster rental.
  2. Close the door completely until the dumpster door latch clicks back into place, or lift the latch bar and have a partner shut the door. Then, let go of the handle when the door is shut.
  3. Replace the chain and the safety latch or pin.
Closed Dumpster Door With Budget Dumpster Logo

Note: Be sure to close the dumpster door each day when you’re done working to keep items from blowing out, or critters from wandering in. Consider covering your dumpster when not in use to prevent neighbors and passersby from throwing things in.

Have Questions About Using Your Dumpster Rental?

Our friendly customer service team is ready to help you throughout your project. Whether you still have questions on how to open your dumpster door or want tips on how to fill your bin, drop us a line anytime.