Phoenix wants to cut 40% of all landfill waste by the year 2020. Mayor Greg Stanton has begun to put this plan, “40 by 20” into action.

The Public Works Department hopes to triple their diversion rate from 2011-2012 which was 13% below the national average. They are setting strict methods of education, economic incentives and outreach. They want to get the residents of Phoenix to fully understand the methods and positive effects of recycling and reducing waste.

Earth911 and the Citizen Group, companies based out of Arizona and California, are partnering with Phoenix AZ to get the project started. Their plan of attack this far is to get the residents’ attention, showing them how they can partake in the effort to reduce landfill waste by 40% by 2020.

The companies will go over various matters such as reducing waste, recycling, ridding of hazardous waste, and reducing illegal dumping. They are hoping that the education they provide will entice residents to employ the methods they are teaching and reevaluate the way they waste items on a daily basis.

Phoenix plans to eventually open up a center that will help come up with new ways of ridding, reducing and recycling solid waste. The canter will be named the Center for Excellence in Solid Waste Research. This is a partnership between the Public Works Department and Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability. They want the center to open up new doors to help divert the amount of waste that is being taken to the landfills.

Proper waste disposal is critical if we want to keep our earth environmentally friendly. We need to employ methods of recycling and waste reduction. However, even with these methods being practiced, there are some waste materials that will need to be disposed of at a landfill. That is, until we come up with proven ways to recycle those materials too. This is why Phoenix hopes to open up the Center for Excellence and Solid Waste Research.

Via: Environmental Leader