The Scottsdale area of Phoenix, AZ has been having some trouble with its ongoing plan to revitalize its downtown district. The plan, known as infill-incentive, was adopted by the city council in the summer of 2010. The plan authorized downtown property owners to request exceptions to development standards. These standards previously forbade buildings above a certain height and density, in order to preserve downtown’s traditional atmosphere and community.

In theory, these exceptions would have spurred owners to invest in new construction projects which would serve to boost downtown’s economic profile. However, these exceptions come with the caveat that property owners must also make investments in public benefits. This includes contributions to the arts or developing restaurants, clubs, and other amenities.

So far, there haven’t been many dumpster rental orders coming in from contractors. Only ten proposals have been submitted to the city council, with four being approved previously and another two gaining approval last week.

Of the approved projects, only two have entered the construction phase. One of which is a condominium complex going up within the next year that will stand at 129 feet tall with 210 units. The other project is an apartment building that will include 700 units and stand at 129 feet as well.

The city council remains confident that the infill-incentive plan will bear economic fruit. Advocates state that the new apartments going up will attract more people to downtown, which in turn will generate demand for restaurants, entertainment, and other economic boosters.

As the infill-incentive plan gains traction, it will benefit more than just property owners. Phoenix dumpster rental companies, along with other waste disposal services, will gain a lot of business from these construction projects. And since the plan offers ongoing incentives for new projects, it could conceivably open a new market for Phoenix dumpsters altogether.