Task Forces investigate and hunt down criminals, right? Maybe I watch too many movies, but that is my general perception. It takes a felon to be deserving of a task force. As it turns out, task forces can also be assigned to those with trending behavioral disorders that lead to unhealthy residential trash piles. Yes, you read that right. The aforementioned behavioral disorder belongs to the infamous Hoarder, who is currently being hunted throughout Arizona by the Phoenix-based AZ Hoarding Task Force.

Based in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale, the task force is not only raising awareness of the hoarding condition, but also seeking out the affected properties and subsequently helping with cleanup efforts. Just like task forces hunting criminals, the efforts of the hoarding task force are making AZ a better place to live, especially in the opinion of the family and neighbor of hoarders that have let their condition transform their homes to trash landfills.

The task force can only do so much, however, as is true with those task forces hunting real criminals. Help is needed from the community. Those taking their dog for a walk are encouraged to do a little sniffing around themselves and to smell or look for homes that are victim to hoarding, as they will be obvious. Once spotted, the task force can help facilitate the owner with both psychological assistance, but also to facilitate a dumpster rental to cleanup properties once and for all. Those two services combined should go a long way to stop the hoarding epidemic in the Phoenix area.