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Why Rent with Us?

Budget Dumpster vs The Other Guys

Our company has grown immensely over the years. Since 2005, we have expanded drastically across the country. Our customers know that we can provide them with quality dumpster rental services and low wholesale flat rates. By working with your local dumpster haulers, we have formed relationships which allow us to provide you with the perks of great low-cost dumpster rentals.

We offer every city their own selection of dumpster rental sizes as to accommodate various job types as well as different waste materials. Our customer service representatives are capable of helping you select a size if you are unsure of what you may need. They obtain the knowledge necessary to help you with any of your waste disposal questions or concerns. They take a genuine interest in our customers' inquiries and will make sure that they understand the services and process before getting off the phone. We make the overall process hassle free, quick, and informational.

Want to Order a Dumpster Today?
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We want to be your waste service provider. Not only are you saving money when you choose Budget Dumpster for your local roll-off rental, but you are also receiving a level of service that is unparalleled. No one else will treat you like a friend and hold a genuine concern for your satisfaction. And when we say local, that is exactly what we mean. We offer service in over forty states and are located in hundreds of cities throughout the country. We're closer than you think and want to be your dedicated provider for all waste removal needs in the temporary and permanent dumpster market.

Budget Dumpster Saves You Time and Money

Our typical customer will save between $25-$100 dollars and receive better terms just by ordering their waste container through our service center.

Always make Budget Dumpster your first call before renting a dumpster. Why? Just click here to see why you should use us instead of the other guys. We are the best in the business when it comes to affordable waste removal, and we have streamlined the process to make sure our customers are always involved. Don't be left feeling high and dry with other companies. Budget Dumpster is with you every step of the way. We support our customers through and through and always work to ensure that you are always involved in the process.

Budget Dumpster is the most efficient and effective way to find and rent a roll-off dumpster or a commercial dumpster. Our company specializes in providing great deals on a dumpster rental right in your area. We know the rates and terms of local dumpster companies, and we beat them. So let us give you the best deal in town. It's easier than ever before to conduct a large-scale waste removal project and stick to your budget. After all, it's in our name.

No need to call 5-10 dumpster companies to compare rates and terms. Gone are the days of scouring the phone book or internet and trying to find the best deal. All this does is waste your time, and no one wants to put their waste removal project on hold any longer than they have to. And what's even better, you will almost certainly save money when you rent with us. How you might ask?

We have local hubs all across the country. This national reach, combined with local services, is how we are able to keep our pricing so low. We aren't coming in from out of town or the next city over. We are right around the corner and can provide you with a fast and efficient open-top rental. No waiting around and no outrageous pricing. You save because we save on our fuel and transportation costs. And with our national coverage, we can provide bulk rates whether you are just renting a single dumpster or half a dozen dumpsters.