Do you feel bad throwing away personalized Christmas cards from your family? Do you hate storing these cards into boxes you may never see again? If so, why not consider recycling these precious cards into something else. One blogger decided to make festive placemats out of these cards and here are the few simple steps.


  • Used Christmas Cards
  • Paper Cutter or Square Punch
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Construction Paper

The first step is to collect all of your Christmas cards and lay them out flat. Now, you will want cut these cards into 1.5” squares. You can do this by using a paper cutter or if you are lucky enough to have a square punch, go ahead and use that. If you received cards with families and friends faces, make sure to cut the squares around them.

You will want to have 96 squares for each placemat, because each one will be 12 squares in width and 8 squares in height. If math isn’t your strong suit, this will mean you will need 384 squares for 4 placemats. (I used a calculator) This may sound like a lot, but when you are using a paper cutter or a square punch, the time will fly by.

Next, you will want to stick your squares onto a larger piece of paper. I recommend using a piece of construction paper. Put a long piece of double-stick tape on the paper for each row of squares and then stick the squares onto the mat. You can also put a piece of tape on each square, but that will take longer.

Once you have all of the squares secured on your placement, you are going to want to trim the edges. You may also want to round the corners of the placement with scissors. Now that the edges are all trimmed and even, have the placemat laminated. You can take the mat to a Kinko’s or any other print shop.

These placemats will make your table more festive and perfect for the holidays. Your family and friends will love to see how you reused their cards and turned them into something you can use forever. If you have any questions about this DIY blog, comment below and I will be sure to answer.