Has the idea of building your own home gym crossed your mind more than once? Have you made the same New Year’s Resolution every year for the past 10 years to get in shape? If you want to be able to work out in your underwear at 2am, a home gym is there just for that. If you have an extra room or even a basement you don’t use, you can transform your basement into a home gym.

The first step in transforming your basement into a home gym is to get everything out of the area. Your basement can no longer be your overflow closet or storage center. You may benefit from renting a roll-off dumpster and having it on your property to dispose of whatever you don’t need or want. If you do need a dumpster for what you’re throwing out, call Budget Dumpster to rent a roll-off dumpster.

Once you have everything out of your basement that needs to be gone, it is time to consider what you have room for and what equipment you want. Workout equipment can get really expensive really fast, so I always suggest looking at Craigslist or Amazon first. It never hurts to go into a store and talk to someone about what equipment is best because in reality they will probably know more than you.

If you have an unfinished basement, it may help to lay down some carpet or a large area rug. You can find big and inexpensive rugs at a local donation store or a large piece of carpet at a carpet specialty store. Before you lay down the carpet or rug, you may want to consider first putting down a foam like cushion, this will help when you are running or laying down to do ab work.

Most home gyms only consist of a weight bench, some weights and a treadmill or elliptical. Depending on what types of exercises you like to do, you can probably find great work-outs on sites such as Pinterest. Before you go out and buy your exercise machines, it is probably a good idea to map out where everything will go. I recommend putting your treadmill in an area with a window or a TV.

One of the best parts about having your own home gym is, you never have to worry about how bad you look while working out. Your dog or cat won’t care that you’re sweating like a pig and have greasy hair. You can also use one machine for long periods of time without feeling guilty about the people who probably want to use it. And by far, the best part of having your own gym is not paying a monthly fee.

So, if you are considering transforming your basement into a home gym, I hope this blog has helped. Always remember before you start any DIY or home improvement project to think everything through and if you need a dumpster to always call Budget Dumpster. Now that you know how to transform your basement into a home gym, good luck working out! Thanks for reading and feel free to leave us a comment in the section below with any of your tips for a basement/home gym remodel.

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