San Diego strives to be a clean city. When you search for information about “trash” or “waste” you get articles about recycling. Specifically, you get articles about cleaning up the city’s beaches. In 2012, the Rozalia Project implemented an underwater robot to clean up the sea floors for the area’s 70 some miles of coastlines. This is just one of the projects implemented in the city to help make a “greener” San Diego. It’s “trashiest” city, Del Mar, has even reduced its waste generation by 6 percent since March of 2012 and increased its recycling by 2 pounds per resident every week. For 2011 San Diego was just behind Orange County in the amount of average waste (in pounds) disposed of per capita per day with 6.01.

Via the Del Mar/Carmel Valley Patch, on January 26 there was a recycling event held where “122 participants dropped off the following recyclables: 4,040 lbs shredded paper, 49 lbs medication, 62 lbs medical sharps, 233 lbs household batteries, 60 lbs of CFLs, 30 lbs of fluorescent tubes.” Projects like these are available throughout the San Diego area to help the various cities great a more sustainable future. Many of these are focused on the beaches and shorelines.

During one of the coastline conservation efforts, volunteers collected trash and general refuse from the beaches of San Diego. Close to 800 pounds of debris was collected and these items have finally found their proper homes in trash bins and dumpsters for proper waste removal to be conducted. Organizations such as San Diego Coastkeeper and the Surfrider Foundation lead projects to clean up San Diego coastline all the time. They are both dedicated to cleaning up the city’s beaches for better public enjoyment and environmental impact.

There is even a program offered by San Diego County to help with compostable waste removal for businesses in the area. After the Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Section at the County of San Diego found that 50 percent of the contents in the County’s landfills are easily compostable, a plan was put into place to give area businesses a helping hand when it comes to smarter disposal tactics. This comes on the heels of new legislation calling for more recycling to be conducted by the State of California. All of this is Via the County News Center.

Throughout San Diego it can be seen that new and interesting strategies are being implemented to see a decline in waste being tossed into a trash can or dumpster in favor of a recycling bin or other vehicle. This should come as no surprise since the recycling trend has been ramping up for years now, but it is something worth noting to at least honor the areas of our country that are working hard toward reaching the goal of zero waste.