The Carmel Valley area of San Diego was granted a tentative approval by City Council for a construction project that would result in new office and retail space, along with housing space as well. The project would be on a nearly 24 acre complex, and the initial approval only came after hours of back and forth between supporters and opponents to the proposed site. Even now, it appears that the issue is far from resolved.

The development cost of One Paseo (should it go through in its current form) would be $750 million and include over 600 units that would be used for homes, shops, and office space. There would be 10 buildings included in the completed project, each one ranging from a couple floors to nine stories tall. There would even be a movie theatre in the complex, and almost 4,000 parking spaces available. We can only imagine how many San Diego dumpsters this project is going to need for completion.

The main opponents of this plan are concerned with the neighborhood’s reputation going downhill, along with the uptick in traffic that would result from the retail and office space. The debates were heated, and the plan that was eventually agreed upon was a scaled-down version of the original. While it seems that no one got exactly what they wanted, both sides have at least come to some form of common ground in the debate on this new project, one costing three quarters of a billion dollars. At least, they’re in agreement for the moment.

No Construction Job Is Complete Without the Cleanup

This project won’t just be what you see on the outside, though. Sure, you’ll see the buildings go up and there will be a lot of discussion and debate about the final project, but what about the means to getting there? There’s going to be a lot of waste generated from this job, and all of that refuse needs to end up somewhere. Thankfully, there are fresh waste removal techniques involved in the same old packaging.

The same dumpsters you see on construction sites every day are being used in new and interesting ways all the time. No longer is all the refuse from these jobs being hauled away and tossed into a landfill. Companies that handle waste removal are being much more responsible when it comes to how they handle debris. Residents of the area, and readers of this blog, should be aware that disposal practices are getting better every day. There’s still a lot of questions to be answered still, but with every new problem, someone (or a group of someones) is going to be there to provide a solution. It’s nice to know that our planet is no longer being trashed with reckless abandon.

Source: 10News Digital Team

Image Source: Gallery Hip