Have you ever done major renovations to your home? Undertaking a major renovation often requires the service of a dumpster rental. Well, the St. Louis Rams home, Edward Jones Dome, may experience a major renovation which will call for a number of dumpster rentals in St. Louis.

The Rams lease Edward Jones Dome. Their lease requires that the dome be considered “first tier” or among the top 25% of all the NFL stadiums in various categories. If the dome is not up to par, the Rams have the option of breaking their lease after the 2014 season, giving them the option to move if they wish to do so.

The city has already lost one professional football team and hopes that the proposal will keep the Rams in St. Louis. The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission proposed a plan to which called for $124 million in renovations. This met the deadline that was set for February 1st proposal.

Among the major renovations and upgrades to the dome are:

  • 96 ft. long and 27 ft. tall scoreboard over the center of the field, similar to that of the Dallas Cowboys scoreboard.
  • New windows along the length of both sides of the field to provide more natural light in the stadium.
  • The addition of a 50,000 sq. ft. attached building which would include a “Geek Suite” for fantasy football goers and electronic lovers.

The proposed upgrades and renovations would certainly make Edward Jones Dome one of the top 25% stadiums in the NFL. It would also call for a dumpster rental in St. Louis for the scope of work being performed.