She sheds are the latest DIY home improvement trend providing a place for women to retreat to get away from chores and the kids for a while. Learn how to build your own she shed with this post!

You’ve probably heard of man caves before. A place in (or outside) the home where a man can drink beer, leave dirty plates out overnight and decorate the walls with everything from deer heads to Fathead posters of Lebron James. What you probably haven’t heard of are their feminine counterpart – “she sheds”. Whereas man caves are for sports and lax hygiene, she sheds are about relaxation and coziness. They provide a quiet place where the woman of the house can read a book, hang out with girlfriends or simply crash and relax for a spell. Intrigued? Read on to learn how to build a she-shed of your very own.

How to Build a She Shed

Step #1: Gather Some Ideas for Your She Shed

Pinterest is chock full of décor and design ideas for she sheds, making it a great place to start looking for design ideas. Take a look at what others have pinned to decide on the look and feel of your shed. One common design theme you’ll quickly notice is the use of natural lighting to illuminate the space, with some sheds resembling greenhouses with wall-to-wall windows and skylights. Coupled with a splash of white paint, you could have a very bright she shed to retreat to in the mid-afternoon. Other she sheds are plainer, with fewer windows and a simple stained interior, giving it a rustic, cabin-like look. But your own shed should reflect your tastes, not someone else’s. Pick a few elements that you’d like to incorporate into your own space, and save a few broad design examples you enjoy so you can reference them once you start building your she shed.

A classic shed with rustic features and decorative wine casks.

“Take plenty of time to think about what you want to do in your shed before you do anything else. Will you be reading? Maybe you need to add some windows or a skylight. Want a place for craft projects? Include plenty of storage and counter space. Want to be able to chill in your shed year round? Consider if you want to install heat or fans to make your space more comfortable.”     |Kloter Farms|

Step #2: Clean Out, Buy or Build Your Shed

You might be wondering why this isn’t step #1. If you don’t already have a shed in your backyard, you should at least have an idea of what you are going to do with it before buying or building a she shed. That way you can follow through on your she shed ideas right away rather than leaving your new shed empty. If you are planning on converting an already existing shed, then the only thing you might need to do is clean it out. We recommend renting a roll off dumpster to get all of that clutter cleared out before you start renovating and redecorating.

She Sheds

You can find DIY kits to build your own shed, or purchase a pre-fab shed that is delivered already assembled.

You have a couple of options when it comes to actually acquiring a shed. Most big-box retailers carry pre-fab sheds that they can install for you. Online retailers also provide ready-made kits that can be shipped to your home and put together yourself. But if you know your way around a hammer you can always pay a visit to the local lumber store and build the whole thing from scratch. Popular Mechanics has a great guide you can follow to build a simple shed.

Step #3: Paint and Furnish Your Shed

If you are re-purposing an old shed, you’ll want to give it a fresh coat of paint once everything is cleared out of it. You’ll have noticed during your research that a lot of she sheds go for an all-white interior, a great option for illuminating the whole space on a sunny day. But this is your sanctuary, your home 20 feet away from home, you decide what color paint palette is most pleasing to you. You’ll want to paint the entire interior, including the floors and ceiling, to give every inch a fresh look.

Choose a color-any color will do for a she shed.

“Go big with color! Adding an accent wall, painting the floors, or using decoupage to apply paper or fabric to the walls or ceiling can change the entire look of the shed from unfinished to chic in no time. Since this is a retreat just for you, feel free to choose a paint color or wall covering that you wouldn’t dare to put in your living room.” |Kloter Farms|

You’ll also need to spend some time furnishing your shed with the essentials. A coffee table and chairs are the gold standard, especially if you plan on doing a lot of socializing in your new home away from home. If you love a good afternoon nap (when the opportunity oh-so-rarely presents itself) you could add a bed or small futon to stretch out on. However, if you plan on doing a little work in your rosy little cottage, you could follow Tina Keymer’s example of a she shed turned office, featured on Wayfair’s site:

“Tina told us her She Shed was created in order to give her a creative space and office. As a mother of four, a separate space is a must. She describes it as a getaway, cottage, sanctuary, and guest house all in one! She purchased a storage shed kit and added old wooden windows and doors to give it a more personal touch.” |Wayfair: 17 She Sheds We Love|

Step #4: Fill Your Shed With Your Hobbies

Are you a bookworm? Give your shed a mini-library filled with your favorite books and a couple more novels you’ve been meaning to scratch off your reading list. Have a flair for the artistic? Set up an easel and canvas so you can brush up on your chiaroscuro every time you pay a visit to your new shed. A she shed is a reflection of your interests, as well as a place for all your favorite possessions. If your husband can keep his video game collectibles in his man cave, you should be able to keep your antique tea pots in your she shed!

“The she-shed can house anything from a beauty room, with nail polish and face masks for an afternoon of pampering, to sewing or craft supplies so you can DIY to your heart’s content.”        |Lily Dunn,|

Step #5: Enjoy the Tranquility – As Long As It Lasts

After you’ve decluttered, built and decorated your she shed, what’s left to do? Relax. Find a spare moment during your day to head out back and spend some quality time away from the responsibilities of daily life. Leave a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob to deter your spouse or tiny people from disrupting your quiet time. This is your little sanctuary, take some time to enjoy it!