Making Dumpster Rentals Simple: A Customer Success Spotlight

Man Carrying Household Debris Into a Dumpster

By Mackenzie Deater on November 10, 2023.

Every day, Budget Dumpster helps our customers rent the right dumpster, deliver it on time and pick it up when their projects are done. We work hard to keep our process as simple as possible, and we love to hear from customers who feel we’ve delivered on that promise.

In this Customer Success Spotlight, we’d like to focus on one happy Budget Dumpster customer, Joe Q. from Boston, Massachusetts. Here’s the story of his cleanup and his impression of Budget Dumpster’s services.

The Project: Clearing Out a Lifetime of Clutter

Like many homeowners, Joe’s garage had become a dumping ground for all kinds of clutter. From outgrown kids’ toys to extra materials left behind by contractors responsible for remodeling bathrooms, kitchens and more, Joe said, “I had over 20 years of stuff dumped in my garage.”

In his words, the garage had become “a monster, and I needed to get rid of it.” Joe’s wife had a trip coming up that would put her away from home for a while. He knew that was the perfect opportunity to get a dumpster and clear out the clutter while she was gone.

As a real estate agent, Joe knew that renting a dumpster was an easy way to get rid of a lot of clutter, but he didn’t yet have a favorite vendor. He headed to Google and went straight to the reviews to evaluate his top choices.

Messy Garage

When he got to Budget Dumpster, he said, “I looked at the reviews and saw that other people had a good experience and thought, let’s go with these guys, they seem to know what they’re doing.”

The Solution: Renting the Right Roll Off Dumpster

This was Joe’s first time renting a dumpster and he wasn’t familiar with weight, weight limits or dumpster sizes. He had an idea of what might work best for his project, but he knew he needed more assistance to make a final decision. When he called in, his customer service representative answered all of his questions to get the job rolling:

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“When I called and I spoke to [the agent] they... talked me through it and said, ‘What is it you want to achieve? How much stuff do you have? Obviously you can choose whatever size you want, but from what you’re telling me, this is... the size we’d recommend.’"

After learning more about Joe’s project, the agent recommended a mixed debris dumpster that was perfect for accommodating the variety of unneeded items in Joe’s garage. Together, they decided a 1 ton weight limit was a safe bet for the estimated debris. This way, he wasn’t over-purchasing weight he might not need.

The Experience: Easy Delivery and Painless Pickup

After placing his order, Joe was off to the races. Of delivery, he said, “They delivered when they said they were going to deliver. The driver called me and put [the dumpster] in my driveway. And I told him I didn’t know how to open it, so he showed me how to open [the door] and he was great.”

In just a matter of days, Joe was able to empty out his entire garage and remove thousands of pounds of clutter from his life. Now he’s even able to park his car in the garage as he approaches another blustery New England winter!

Clean Garage With Door Open to Driveway

With his garage now looking pristine, it was time to send the dumpster back. About the pickup process, he said, “I wasn’t even here when they came and picked it up, I was at work. So they just came, picked it up, and it was gone when I came home.”

Ultimately, after tossing all his debris, Joe's dumpster weighed a little more than expected at pickup. He understood that he was responsible for paying the difference.

What’s Next? Renting With Budget Dumpster in the Future

The Budget Dumpster team is so happy to hear that Joe was pleased with his service. Overall, Joe said of his experience:

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“I wanted to rent a dumpster, so I called somebody and rented a dumpster. There were no issues. The agent I talked to was super helpful and didn’t push me to do anything or suggest upgrading or try to confuse me with anything. It was a very simple procedure, which I liked!”

Joe wanted the process to be easy and fast, and he felt Budget Dumpster delivered on that. He even mentioned that he plans to rent from us again when he gets to his next home cleanout projects.

We’re so grateful for the time Joe took to share his experience with us. Stories like his help us reach more people with cleanout projects in mind, but more than that, they help improve the parts of our service that are most important to you — our customer.

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