Renting a dumpster can be a big step and we understand that not everyone is ready for that kind of commitment. Some are put-off by the idea of getting rid of stuff and others just hate taking part in a good deal. If you are wondering why a dumpster rental company would be talking about why not to rent a dumpster, then you’re in the same boat as my boss, but hey, I’m a writer and I do what I want. (please don’t fire me)

  1. They’re Too Affordable

Do you hate getting a good deal? If so, then don’t look at our coupons/ promotions page. We understand some people just like to overpay for things and hey, that doesn’t make you a bad person. If you hate paying a good price for things, then whatever you do, do not rent a dumpster.

  1. You Like Trash on Your Yard

Some people grow accustomed to the look of a junk yard and we are not ones to judge. If you like the look of trash in your front yard or side lawn, then you do not need to rent a dumpster.

  1. You Hate Throwing Stuff Away

Now if this is you, you probably could benefit from a dumpster but we understand that there are people out there that hate to throw stuff away. If you like having a million shirts that you know you will never wear again or stained couches that take up space in the basement, then maybe a dumpster rental isn’t for you.

  1. You Prefer Throwing Trash in Other Dumpsters

Why buy what you can steal, right? I know throwing your trash in someone else’s dumpster may not seem like stealing but it is. They paid for that dumpster so technically it’s theirs. If you have time to drive around at night and find others people’s dumpsters to use, then I guess you don’t really need to get one for yourself.

  1. Your Weekly Trash Pick-Up Can Handle It

If you are positive your weekly trash can handle all of the items you need to toss out, then maybe a roll-off dumpster isn’t your best bet. Most often, weekly trash pick-up companies cannot accept large and bulky materials such as insulation and couches but if you’re willing to take the chance, you don’t need a dumpster rental.

  1. You Only Have Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are something that cannot mixed with your average household waste or construction debris. If you are looking to toss out only hazardous materials, you will need to contact your local hazardous waste removal service.

  1. You Hate All-Inclusive Pricing

Some people just hate all-inclusive pricing because they want to pay for everything separately. Budget Dumpster only offers all-inclusive pricing to make it easier for our customers but we understand that some people just don’t care for it, so if you’re in this boat, then you probably don’t need to rent a dumpster.

  1. You Need Permanent Waste Removal

Renting a roll-off dumpster isn’t for everyone, if you are looking for someone to come pick up your trash every week on a certain day, then renting a dumpster is not for you.

  1. You Like Your Cluttered House

You may like your cluttered house the way it is. If you do not want to throw away any of your clutter, then what will a dumpster do for you. If you need some help with decluttering your home be sure to check out our ridiculously thorough guide to decluttering your home.

  1. You Hate When Family Visits

The best way to keep your family away is to never clean out your house. If you hate it when your family comes to visit, then there is no need to clean or get rid of anything, therefor you don’t need to rent a dumpster.

As you may have guess by now, this blog post was satire. If you do actually need a dumpster, give Budget Dumpster a call at 1-866-284-6164 or visit our website by going to reasons not to rent a dumpster