So, you’ve decided to rent a dumpster. Way to go! You’ll be making your cleanup, home improvement, or other project much simpler. But now you’ve got to decide which local dumpster rental company you’ll rent from. Of course, you’ll be looking at pricing as you research the companies in your area, but there are several other questions you’ll want to consider in order to make sure you’re renting from the right company.

Does the company offer a flat rate?

Local dumpster rentals are priced in one of two ways: variable rates or flat rates. The main difference between these two pricing systems is how the information is presented to you. There are many factors that determine how much a dumpster rental will cost. These can include: size of the dumpster, length of rental period, type of debris being disposed of, final weight of the dumpster, drop-off and pick up fees. Many of these factors have additional fees associated with them if certain requirements aren’t met.

With all of these factors in play, variable rate pricing can often be confusing. Generally, the price that you’ll find on the company’s website or are quoted by a representative over the phone is the price of the dumpster itself, without all of the additional factors added in. This makes it difficult to tell what your final bill will be and easy to be surprised with fees you weren’t aware you were going to end up paying.

variable rate dumpster rental pricing

With variable rate pricing, you’ll be told that a dumpster rents for $150, when in reality your final bill will be much higher.

With flat rate pricing, all fees are added into the rental price upfront, meaning you know at the time of the rental exactly what your final bill will be. You’ll only be charged additional fees if, for example, you exceeded your dumpster’s weight limit or attempted to dispose of prohibited items. When deciding between local dumpster rental companies, you’ll be better able to budget for your project if you choose one with flat rate pricing. Ideally, you should only opt for variable rate pricing if a company representative can thoroughly explain what your final bill will come to.

flat rate dumpster rental pricing

With flat rate pricing, what you see upfront is what you pay.

Is the company clear about what you can dispose of in the dumpster?

There are many regulations about what can and can’t be disposed of in a dumpster rental based on the dumping facility’s rules, and these can vary from city to city. Hazardous chemicals will be prohibited everywhere, but in some areas the dumping facility may also not accept electronics, or mattresses, or… There are also often certain types of debris that can be disposed of in a dumpster rental, as long as it is the only type of debris placed in the dumpster. For example, this is often the case with yard waste. If a local dumpster rental company isn’t clear, either over the phone or on their website, about what can and can’t go into their dumpsters, this could be a sign that they’re hoping you’ll slip up and give them a reason to charge you an extra fee. This, obviously, is a clear indication that they’re not an honest company and you should continue your search elsewhere.


Are the company’s representatives knowledgeable?

There’s a lot to know when you’re renting a dumpster. Especially if you’ve never rented one before, the ins and outs of the process can be confusing. You will almost certainly have lots of questions when you call one of the companies you’ve identified. Pay attention to how the company’s representative behaves when you ask them. Does the representative you’re speaking to answer them quickly and confidently? Do his or her answers make sense? Is he or she actually answering the question you asked?

If not, this may indicate that the company doesn’t prioritize the training of their representatives. They don’t take the time to ensure that their employees thoroughly understand their business, which means they don’t take pains to ensure that their customers are well taken care of. Another thing to take note of: does the representative answer questions you didn’t even know you had? Does he or she thoroughly explain the rental process even if you didn’t prompt them to? This indicates that the company you’re dealing with is a reputable one that wants to be sure there are no surprises or stress for their customers.

Does the company promise you the moon?

You, of course, will have a timeline in mind when you begin researching local dumpster rental companies—a start date and a general idea of an end date for whatever project you’re embarking on. Any company can deliver a dumpster or pick it up on the day you indicate, but beware of a company who promises you they can have the dumpster there or pick the dumpster up at a specific time on that day.

For a variety of reasons, it is almost impossible for a company to guarantee delivery or pick up at a specific time. There are too many factors beyond a company’s control that can affect when the hauler arrives at your property. There may be delays at the dump; a wreck may slow traffic; the last renter may not have properly prepared their property, etc. A company who claims they can guarantee a specific delivery or pick up time is trying to make a quick sale and doesn’t care what lies they have to tell to make it. You’re much better off dealing with a company who will be honest with you about what to expect, even if that means telling you something you may not be happy to hear.

When you find a company that offers a flat rate, is clear about what the dumpster can be used for, has knowledgeable representatives and is honest and up front with you, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ve found a company you’d have a good experience renting from. If you’re ready to put your new knowledge to work, we can help you find a reliable dumpster rental in your area.