Are you considering a move to downtown Indianapolis? Whether you are looking at schools in the area, received a job offer or just are generally interested in the capital, you’ll want to keep reading. Or maybe you already live in Indy and you want to brag to your friends about how sweet your city is. That’s cool, too. You’re not in the wrong.

People are starting to notice. After all, it’s hard to be the 14th biggest city in the United States and fly under the radar. Indianapolis is becoming a hub for business and innovation, features a long list of attractions and has one of the most livable urban landscapes. And we’re just getting started.

Moving to Indianapolis

We might be not be able to convince you as quick as Reggie Miller, but we’ll give it a shot.

  • Livability ranked Indy third in a list of Top 10 Best Downtowns.
  • gives the 46204 zip code a score of 93 – “Walker’s Paradise.”
  • Forbes ranked Indy as the 8th Best Place For Business and Careers.

We could go on and on with these lists, but we hope the point has been made. In case you missed it, people (and national publications) know that Indy is great. And it’s not just about numbers or being placed on a few lists, it’s about the continual growth of the city. Downtown Indianapolis, like in many other midwestern cities, faces many challenges in its quest to be an attraction to potential residents and tourists. To name a few: attracting skilled employers and professionals, creating a nightlife scene that is as fun as it is safe, preserving old neighborhoods while building modern lofts and apartments. Meeting those challenges represents growth.

If you take a stroll through the city, you’ll quickly notice that Indianapolis has answered the call. But since you are reading this piece, we suppose it’s safe to say you aren’t “strollin'” at this very moment. So on we go.

Indianapolis is Booming

The young, old and in between are flocking to urban environments. The reason, in theory, is pretty simple: city life now offers a lot of the amenities once exclusive to suburban settings. Actually making it happen hasn’t been an easy task for cities like Indy, but their success in doing so is a major reason why the appeal of downtown living is on the rise. People have asked for more parks. Indy is making it happen. People have asked for unique food and drink options. They certainly exist (don’t look if you’re hungry).

Indianapolis is growing because while its obviously a big city, it has maintained a small community feel. Up-and-coming neighborhoods like Bates-Hendricks are in the shadow of the city’s best attractions, but features historic homes and plenty of green space. You can get a great view of the skyline from 16 Tech, downtown’s technology district, while living in a truly unique space like the Stadium Lofts. And that’s just the beginning. You can check out all of the Indianapolis neighborhoods here.

Indy is fit for eating, studying, partying or anything else you can come up with. There’s a reason 23 percent of downtown area homeowners moved to the city in the last five years. Simply no matter where you go in Indy, there’s plenty to do within close proximity.

Are you up to live downtown?

Let’s hope you can maintain a solid work-life balance. You better move quick, as more commercial and residential spaces fill up by the day. Almost an endless amount of opportunities lie only a sidewalk away. So if you’re thinking about moving to Indianapolis, we only have one question: What are you waiting for?