What do you call a company that manufactures some of the world’s biggest fans? How about HVLS Fan Company? That would make sense as it’s an acronym for the actual product, high volume/low speed fans. Well, for a while that was the name of this particular fan manufacturer in Lexington. All of that eventually changed in the evolution of the business, as it began to grow and started receiving phone calls from customers asking one question in particular…

“Are you the company that makes those big ass fans?”

Soon after the name was changed to, you guessed it, Big Ass Fans. While the name is certainly of note, the company has become a leading manufacturer in the industry. What was once a small Lexington business at the turn of the century is now a 700-plus employee, international powerhouse. Still, its headquarters and many of its employees remain deeply rooted in Kentucky.

Behind Big Ass Fans

Look around. Big Ass Fans hang in schools, warehouses and offices all over the world. Their products are as effective as they are quiet. They save energy in summer and in winter. They even look cool. This is accomplished by in-house engineering, design and manufacturing teams that have been the driving force behind the premium quality and performance of all their different types of fans. The approach of accomplishing everything from brainstorming products to actually selling fans has not only led to more customers but plopped them on Forbes’ List of America’s Most Promising Companies.

As much as a promising future seems destined for its employees, the present isn’t so bad either. A challenging and fast-paced work environment is complimented by a fully-stocked beer fridge. Perks like free fresh fruit, an in-house nurse, regular family outings and monthly fine dining experiences are offered. Think we’re just schmoozing? Take a look at their Facebook to get a broader sense of the work environment. The work-hard, play-hard mentality isn’t lacking at Big Ass Fans, and a similar balance can be found in the actual city of Lexington. It provides plenty of opportunity for a night out while keeping a small-town feel. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Expanding the Big Ass Brand

As a whole, Big Ass Solutions, the name given to reflect its entire line of products, provides quality that simply can’t be replicated. The “Big Ass Approach” is really a synonym for quality, function and problem solving. The company now offers the Big Ass Light, a solution for large work spaces and garages that have never seen a light quite like this. It’s really just another example of how they don’t do anything half-assed.

We are fans.