8 Yard Dumpster Rentals

Our largest front load dumpster is ideal for most commercial waste.


Producing trash and debris is a fact of life for small and large businesses alike. Call today for an 8 yard dumpster that helps you maintain productivity and workplace safety.

8 Yard Dumpster

How Our 8 Yard Dumpster Service Works

1. Contact Your Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager is a single point of contact for all questions related to billing and scheduling. Reach out if you need to add locations to your contract or adjust pickup frequency.

2. Work Out a Service Schedule

We’ll customize a service plan based on your estimated trash volume, what you’re throwing away and how much space you need for your front load dumpster. Your account manager can arrange pickup schedules for one or multiple locations.

3. Get Rid of Waste With Ease

Open the lid of your 8 yard front load dumpster and toss in materials. Our driver will empty your container weekly, monthly or as needed to keep your area clear. And our upfront invoicing makes billing simple no matter how many bins you have.

4. Keep Our Number Handy

Contact your account manager to adjust your pickup frequency or get a different size container. They’re your go-to person to modify your current contract or arrange new service. We make adding new locations a breeze.

Get an 8 Yard Dumpster to Keep Your Business Locations Clean

The last thing any company needs is trash piling up on the shop floor, loading area or parking lot. Whether you’re based in an office building that generates a lot of mixed solid waste each month or run a restaurant chain that needs weekly food waste disposal, our 8 yard front load dumpsters are a perfect way to get rid of trash easily.

Our large commercial dumpsters are ideal for operations with more than 500 employees or that occupy up to 25,000 square feet of space, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturers
  • Distribution/Fulfillment centers
  • Office buildings
  • Factories
  • Big box retailers
  • Grocery stores
  • Hotels
  • Large industrial facilities
  • Apartment complexes
  • Schools

What You Get With Budget Dumpster

We start with a waste audit that analyzes your trash volume, what you’re throwing away and how much space you have to work with. From there, we’ll right-size your plan to ensure you have the dumpster size and pickup frequency you need for reliable trash disposal at the best possible price. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your place of business is clean and clutter-free. We also deliver:

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Reliable Service

We have the reliability you’d expect from a large company. With a deep bench of trustworthy drivers, we empty your dumpsters on time every time so you aren’t left stranded with an overflowing container.

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Nationwide Coverage

Our national footprint means we can get you service anywhere in the U.S. We’ve got your disposal needs covered, whether you have one or multiple locations — even if they’re in different states.

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Flexible Rental Agreements

A typical rental term is 36 months, but we offer 12 and 24-month agreements, too. Is your waste output increasing? Is your bin only half-filled when we empty it? Work with your account manager to adjust pickup frequency and save some money.

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Straightforward Invoicing

We keep billing simple and efficient. Whether you have one location or several in multiple states, you’ll only see one invoice for all of it. What you won’t see are surprise fees.

Schedule 8 Yard Front Load Dumpster Service

8 Yard Dumpster 101

How Does Renting an 8 Yard Dumpster Work?

Your account manager gets you started by conducting a waste audit and recommending an appropriate dumpster size, whether it’s 8 yards or something more suited to your waste output. After your front load dumpster arrives, toss in your materials and we’ll empty it according to the schedule. You can always contact your account manager if you need to adjust your pickup frequency.

Where Can a Large Commercial Dumpster Go?

Due to the 8 yard dumpster’s size, it needs enough room to be safely stored and serviced. 8 yard dumpster dimensions vary from state to state, but they're always 6 feet wide. Because height and depth can vary, you should always make sure you have enough room and vertical clearance for our truck to pull up to the bin and lift it to empty it. Make sure your dumpster and our truck won’t disrupt your operations.

Will My 8 Yard Dumpster Lock?

Yes, our 6 and 8 yard dumpsters come with a lock bar that goes across the top of the container. This helps prevent any unwanted guests from getting into your dumpster. After you toss your trash, put the lock bar on top of the container and lock it into place. The bar will automatically unlock when the truck picks up the dumpster, so you don't need to unlock it ahead of time.

Can It Have Wheels or Be Moved On-Site?

No, an 8 yard dumpster is too big to be mobile. So, they're not great options for auto shops or other applications that need to move the dumpster around while it's on-site. If you need a commercial dumpster you can move around, consider our 2 yard or 4 yard front load dumpsters, which can have wheels added.

How Much Waste Does It Hold?

Our 8 yard dumpster rentals can hold up to 8 cubic yards of material, which is ample storage for most large commercial or industrial businesses. This equates to about 48 large trash bags or 18 rolling garbage bins.

What’s the Average 8 Yard Dumpster Price?

Your quoted price depends on your business location, your waste audit and your pickup schedule. To make budgeting simple, Budget Dumpster offers low flat rates that bundle your rental units, service schedule and disposal charges. Call your account manager for detailed pricing and tips on how to avoid overage fees.

How Do I Fill a Front Load Dumpster?

Lift the lid near the front of the container and toss in your debris. For businesses that generate a lot of small debris or food waste, consider bagging your materials rather than leaving them loose. Close your dumpster’s lid when you’re not using it or after the business day to keep unwanted pests out.

Will My Dumpster Have Side Doors?

Some 8 yard front load dumpsters are equipped with side doors in addition to the lid. These are beneficial for apartment complexes so residents can easily throw trash away. Not all 8 yard dumpsters have side doors, and availability depends on our inventory in your area. Let your account manager know if you’d prefer a container with side doors so they can see what’s available.

What Can I Put in an 8 Yard Dumpster Rental?

Our large commercial dumpsters are ideal for businesses that generate large amounts of mixed solid waste, such as:

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Food waste

Non-Bulk Waste Icon

Non-bulk materials

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Non-toxic/non-hazardous manufacturing debris

What Can’t Go in a Front Load Dumpster?

Don’t toss construction or demolition waste into a large commercial dumpster. These items can make emptying your bin difficult and present a safety hazard to the driver. Prohibited materials include:

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Industrial chemicals

Medical Waste Icon

Medical waste

Hazardous Material Icon

Hazardous waste

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Concrete Block Icon

Concrete block

Handle Trash Disposal Easily With Our 8 Yard Dumpster Rental Service

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National Footprint

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Dedicated Support

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Flexible Service

Even small operations can generate lots of waste. Budget Dumpster has your needs covered regardless of industry. Work with your account manager to set up service for all your locations anywhere in the U.S. and adjust your work agreement as needed. Our inventory and team make trash disposal timely and efficient.