4 Yard Dumpster Rentals

Keep waste removal simple with a 4 yard commercial dumpster.


Our nationwide service makes trash disposal easy no matter where your business is located. Call today to order your 4 yard dumpster!

4 Yard Dumpster Filled With Trash

How Renting a 4 Yard Bin Works

1. Meet Your Account Manager

You’ll always have a single point of contact to answer any questions you have, whether it’s your first month working with us or your third year.

2. Schedule Service to Fit Your Needs

Our 4 yard dumpster rental terms are simple and flexible. And we can adjust the frequency of your service depending on your trash volume.

3. Toss Waste With Ease

Simply lift the lid of your container and throw away your trash. We’ll pick up your debris as often as needed, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

4. Stay in Touch

Keep your account manager’s number handy. They’re always available to adjust your service dates or set up service at other locations.

Enjoy Reliable Trash Disposal with a 4 Yard Commercial Dumpster

Budget Dumpster's 4 yard front load containers are placed at your location of choice for easy, everyday trash collection. We work with you to determine the best schedule to empty your dumpster, whether that's daily, weekly, or something more custom. Our 4 yard bins have a lid in front for easy waste removal and enough room to hold 4 cubic yards of waste.

Who Uses a 4 Yard Dumpster?

A 4 yard container is perfect for any small to medium-sized business in need of regular trash pickup. Typically, companies with up to 100 employees or less than 5,000 square feet benefit from having a 4 yard bin on-site. These businesses include:

  • Regional restaurant chains
  • Distribution centers
  • Small retail stores
  • Auto shops
  • Office buildings
  • Wholesalers
  • Small apartment buildings
  • Medical offices
  • Banks
  • Universities and colleges

Why Choose Budget Dumpster for Your 4 Yard Bin?

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Simple, Straightforward Invoicing

With us, there are no surprises when it comes to what you’re paying. A single invoice covers all of your rentals, and there's never a hidden fee.

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Reliable Service

With our nationwide coverage, there’s never a lag in our 4 yard dumpster rental service. Rely on us for on-time delivery and pickup.

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Change in your trash flow? No problem — add a container, switch bin sizes or change your pickup dates to fit your business needs with no hassle.

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One Point of Contact

We keep things simple with one account manager to handle your business needs. Conveniently text or call at any point for support.

Schedule Your 4 Yard Commercial Dumpster Service for Easy Waste Disposal

4 Yard Dumpster 101

How Does Renting a 4 Yard Bin Work?

We base our flexible rental agreements on your type of business, number of locations and amount of trash. Typically, the contract length is 36 months, but we can also do 12 or 24 month contracts. We’ll pick up your waste weekly, bi-weekly or on a customized pickup schedule. Changes in your trash volume? Contact your account manager to conveniently adjust your pickup frequency to match your changing business needs.

Where Should You Keep a 4 Yard Dumpster?

Your container should be kept in a designated waste area away from traffic and pedestrians. Parking lots, loading areas and alleys are ideal places for your bin. It’s also a good idea to build a separate corral for your dumpster or put your bin in a dumpster enclosure to prevent other people from tossing trash in your container and to keep animals from getting into your waste.

Man Standing Next to 4 Yard Dumpster With Dimensions

How Big Is a 4 Yard Container?

The volume of a 4 yard dumpster is calculated in cubic yards, and they can hold 4 cubic yards of waste. That being said, 4 yard dumpster dimensions can vary, but they typically hold enough trash to fill about two dozen 33-gallon bags or eight 96-gallon garbage cans.

How Much Does a 4 Yard Dumpster Rental Cost?

The cost of a 4 yard bin depends on your location, local fees, pickup frequency and the type of debris you’re tossing. With Budget Dumpster, you’ll get one flat rate that bundles these variables together in a simple invoice. And there are no hidden fees, so you know exactly what you’re paying.

How Do You Fill a 4 Yard Container?

Your 4 yard dumpster comes with a lid at the front of the bin for easy waste disposal. Simply toss your debris inside, making sure not to overfill your container. Be sure to close the lid to prevent any unwanted visitors from getting into your trash.

Can I Move My 4 Yard Dumpster?

Yes, our 4 yard commercial bins can be mobile. We can add four wheels to your dumpster so you can adjust the location of your container if needed. Just ask your account manager to request wheels on your bin when you order.

Bottom of Blue Dumpster With Wheels

What Can You Toss in a 4 Yard Bin?

Our 4 yard dumpsters can take mixed municipal solid waste. Mixed solid waste is a combination of organic and inorganic materials, including household waste, office materials, retail trash and other non-hazardous debris. These materials include:

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Cardboard Box Icon


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Non-bulk materials

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Food waste

What Can’t Go in a 4 Yard Commercial Dumpster?

Certain items can’t be tossed in a 4 yard dumpster. You can’t throw away bulk items, like furniture and appliances, or heavy debris, including concrete and brick, in our bins. Because our containers are picked up with a forklift, these materials will make your dumpster too heavy and pose a safety hazard. Other prohibited items include:

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Medical waste

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Hazardous materials

For a Fast, Reliable Waste Removal Partner, Choose Budget Dumpster

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Nationwide Service

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Dedicated Support

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Upfront Terms

There’s no need to stress about trash when you work with our 4 yard dumpster rental service. Our flexible terms allow us to work with you to find the right disposal solution for your debris. And with service across all 50 states, you’ll always have a dumpster handy, whether your business has one or multiple locations.