2 Yard Dumpsters

Dimensions and Capacity of a 2 Yard Dumpster Rental

A 2 yard dumpster works well with small businesses, or properties that are limited by space that have relatively small trash disposal needs. Here’s the scoop on just how big a 2 yard dumpster is. 

  • Dimensions: 3 feet x 6 feet x 3 feet.
  • Capacity: Can hold about 15 trash bags.
  • Weight Limit: Typically can store 400 pounds of material.

2 Yard Dumpster

What to Put in a 2 Yard Dumpster

In general, these dumpsters can contain common recyclables and waste materials such as plastics, cardboard, aluminum, paper, and food waste.

It's important to note that appliances, computers, industrial waste and medical waste are not allowed in the dumpster. If you do have any of these types of materials, learn more about how to dispose of bulk waste items.

Businesses That Should Rent a 2 Yard Dumpster

Most 2 yard dumpsters find work outside of small businesses, such as convenience stores and single offices with up to 10 – 20 employees. Most of these commercial enterprises generate low amounts of waste in the form of plastics, cardboard and office paper; essentially non-bulk materials which make their overall waste stream very small, and therefore very amenable to the size of a 2 cubic yard dumpster.

The small form of the 2 yard dumpster makes it easy to place in even the tightest parking lots or loading areas; a particularly useful characteristic for small restaurants and clinics, two places that tend to fill their parking lots quickly and often.

Other organization that make use of 2 yard dumpsters include small apartment complexes and convenience stores. Apartment dwellings of 6 family units or less can get by with a smaller dumpster, but larger complexes will require either a 4 or 6 yard dumpster. As for convenience stores, a 2 yard dumpster should fit their waste stream very well.  

Where Can I Place a 2 Yard Dumpster?

These dumpsters can be placed almost anywhere, so long as there is adequate space for the garbage truck to pick it up. This particular size is small enough that you really don’t need to worry about where to put it once we bring it out. Generally, these are the best locations for your dumpster:

  • By a loading dock.
  • In a back alley, close to your business.
  • Next to your restaurant's back door.
  • Inside an enclosed or gated area.

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