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Our Roll-Off Dumpsters Are Exactly What You Need!

We provide a whole range of dumpster rentals in Placitas that are designed to make your cleanup project as simple as possible. Our garbage hauling service provides a relatively effortless disposal process that ends up saving you time and a whole lot of money. Just give us a call and we'll be able to fix you up with the roll-off containers that are going to get the job done. Call now and get your delivery set up in practically no time at all!

Our Garbage Hauling Service Works for You!

  • We provide 10, 20, 30, and 40 yard dumpsters in the greater Albuquerque area
  • Short waiting times: we deliver within 2 business days of your order
  • Order anytime during the week and receive the right bins for the job
  • We take orders between 6am and 7pm Monday through Friday
  • Hazardous waste cannot be disposed of in our dumpsters

Finding the right dumpster rental in Placitas is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, Budget Dumpster is the magnet to your haystack, allowing you to find the exact dumpsters that are going to get the job done on time and under budget. We offer flat rates at low price points for a wide variety of bins. So if you are pressed for time and have a pint-sized budget, don't sweat it. We'll hook you up with the bins you need super-fast and super-cheap.

Household & Construction Dumpsters

10 Yard Dumpster

10 yard dumpster truck icon 3x

Holds ~ Three Pickup Truck Loads

Common Uses for this Size Dumpster:
  • Ideal for cleaning out the garage or attic.
  • A small size that can fit practically anywhere.
  • Dispose of small amounts of household and construction debris.

20 Yard Dumpster

20 yard dumpster truck icon 6x

Holds ~ Six Pickup Truck Loads

Common Uses for this Size Dumpster:
  • A great size for roofing and remodeling projects.
  • Easily dispose of household junk and light construction debris.
  • Also useful for small-scale demolitions.

30 Yard Dumpster

30 yard dumpster truck icon 9x

Holds ~ Nine Pickup Truck Loads

Common Uses for this Size Dumpster:
  • Great for home renovations or multiple remodels.
  • Can easily accommodate construction and demolition debris.
  • A convenient size for large-scale cleanouts.

40 Yard Dumpster

40 yard dumpster truck icon 12x

Holds ~ Twelve Pickup Truck Loads

Common Uses for this Size Dumpster:
  • Great for building renovations and large demolitions.
  • Dispose of several tons of debris at once.
  • Perfect for contractors with large-scale projects.

Special Use Dumpsters

Heavy Use Dumpsters

Wrapping up a big project? We'll send you a concrete dumpster for all your heavy materials, including block, brick and asphalt. Pricing, sizes, material restrictions and weight limits may vary. Get in touch today and we'll find the right size roll off container for your heavy debris.

How Much Trash is Thrown Out Every Year?

The hard statistics of the waste management industry do not paint a pretty picture of where our garbage ends up. In fact, it's rather staggering just how much garbage is thrown out by us just every month. And only a fraction of it is recycled or reused in a given year, making it one of the most problematic environmental issues facing the United States. Current annual disposal figures are between 250 and 260 million tons of garbage being produced every in the country. This is primarily composed of plastic, paper, and light metal debris.

That figure represents the sum total of every piece of garbage thrown out through municipal trash pickup services, as well as private companies including our Placitas dumpster rental service. The majority of the trash that we and other haulers collect is disposed of in landfills, which only store the trash rather than eliminating or recycling it. Granted, there are many facilities across the US that recycle this waste, but their activity alone accounts for only 30% of all trash that is thrown out every year.

It's a hugely low number for a country that has the largest economy on the planet, as well as the largest pool of civic engineers and technology companies. The problem stems from the lack of economically feasible alternatives, though this is slowly starting to change. A lot of landfills are building waste-to-energy plants on their sites to convert trash to electricity. This process usually involves either capturing methane as it's produced by the buried waste or burning the waste in incinerators to directly convert it to power.

Waste-to-Energy technology, combined with expanded recycling services, will help to dramatically reduce the amount of garbage we produce every year. Who knows, in a couple of decades we could be lean, green garbage reducing machine (metaphorically speaking)!


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good service

good price, prompt dropoff and pickup and friendly people. would use again.

michael, 02/06/2023 Verified order

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Budget Dumpster Nickel and Diming

Budget Dumpster had a dumpster during the time when Florida just had the hurricane, which is why we went with them. 1. It was difficult because the dumpster could arrive any time of day, no real notice. 2. We were charged for a mattress being in the dumpster, but we didn't throw one away in there. How would we say any different or prove it. They charged us extra money. 3. They said it was overweight. How would you go against that. Again, charged us extra money. I would not tell anyone to use this company. I think they nickel and dime you for any additional money possible.

Ericca Trost, 02/05/2023 Verified order

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Very easy drop-off and pick-up.

Very easy drop-off and pick-up.

Jason, 02/02/2023 Verified order

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Prompt delivery

Prompt delivery. Set up great. Instructions clear. Prompt pickup. Very well priced.

jenny, 02/01/2023 Verified order

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Excellent service

Excellent service. Very responsive and prompt. Have already recommended them to a neighbor and will use them again in the future.

Jan, 02/01/2023 Verified order

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They were great very helpfulwith…

They were great very helpfulwith explaining everything We were able to get my daddys place cleaned up fast

Donna, 01/29/2023 Verified order

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Very kind and accommodating driver

Very kind and accommodating driver. Excellent service!

Ron, 01/29/2023 Verified order

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Excellent customer service.

Reliable service, great communication.

Beth Seelinger, 01/28/2023 Verified order

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