Commercial Dumpster Rental Prices

We offer competitive rate dumpster service for any business. Your price is based on the size of your dumpster, type of debris and the frequency of your pickups.

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What are Commercial Dumpster Rentals?

Commercial dumpsters are front-load containers used by businesses to dispose of ongoing waste. We offer 2, 4, 6 and 8 yard commercial dumpster sizes and we can pick up your container bi-weekly, weekly, or up to 6 times per week. With our commercial dumpster rental service, your container is emptied regularly according to your business’ disposal needs.

How Budget Dumpster’s Pricing Works

We strive to give you the most budget-friendly rate for your commercial dumpster rental. Between our flat-rate invoicing and waste audits, you won’t overpay for waste removal.

Low Prices and Simple, Flat Rate Invoicing

With our low rates, we make sure your business is never paying more than needed. Our streamlined invoicing includes delivery, pickup frequency and dumpster size in one place, making accounting easier.

Flat-Rate Invoices

With a flat-rate invoice, the amount you owe stays the same from start to finish. We bundle everything into one rate for easy billing. The commercial dumpster rental price you see upfront is the price you pay.

Flat Rate Invoice Example
Prices shown are for example only and do not represent actual pricing.

Variable Invoices

Variable invoices make it harder to know what your commercial dumpster cost is upfront. Additional fees may be added to your bill throughout your rental period, hiding the total cost and making it more difficult to budget.

Variable Rate Invoice Example
Prices shown are for example only and do not represent actual pricing.

Stay on Track and on Budget With Our Waste Audits

Not sure if you have the right size bin or pickup schedule to match your waste stream? We make sure you’re never paying for more than you need with our waste audits. We’ll watch your trash volume at each pickup for a few months.

If we notice your bins tend to be overfilled, we’ll recommend a larger dumpster size or suggest increasing your pickup frequency. Dumpster only filled partway at each pickup? We'll recommend a smaller dumpster or fewer pickups. We work with you to find the right, lowest-cost waste removal solution for your business.

How Much Does a Commercial Dumpster Cost?

The cost of your dumpster depends on a few factors: dumpster size, pickup frequency, location and the type of debris you’re tossing. Learn more about how these factors affect your quote.

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1. Location

Disposal fees vary depending on your business location. And in some cities, the demand for commercial dumpsters is greater. For example, you’ll most likely pay more for a bin in Portland, Oregon, than in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Two Different Size Dumpsters

2. Size

We offer a range of dumpster sizes to accommodate most waste removal needs. Usually, the larger the bin, the more it costs. Your 2 yard dumpster rental cost will be lower than the cost of an 8 yard container.

Need a larger dumpster on-site? Learn about our ongoing roll off dumpster rental service.

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3. Pickup Schedule

We offer weekly, biweekly or monthly pickups, but we can also customize a schedule to match your business’ disposal needs. In general, the more frequent your pickup schedule, the more you pay. For instance, our monthly dumpster rental cost is less than our weekly dumpster service cost.

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4. Waste Type

The type of debris you’re tossing determines how often your front load dumpster needs to be picked up, affecting your rate. Food waste typically needs to be emptied weekly to avoid unwanted pests and smells. So, restaurants and other businesses with food waste will need a more frequent pickup schedule than businesses tossing office waste.

Will I Ever Pay More Than My Flat Rate?

While usually you can rely on the flat rate on our invoice, there are a few cases when you might have to pay a fee:

Overage Fee

Each of our commercial dumpster rentals has a fill line and a weight limit. If you go over your weight limit, trash is spilling out over the top of your bin or you can’t close the lid on your container, then you’ll receive a fee.

Prohibited Item Fee

Some materials can never go in a front load dumpster. If you toss anything other than standard mixed solid waste items in your container, you'll see a fee on your invoice.

Trip Fee

You’ll receive a fee if our driver can’t pick up your dumpster because it is blocked, locked away or inaccessible.

Get Your Personalized Commercial Dumpster Rental Price

At Budget Dumpster, we make sure you’re never overspending on waste disposal. Speak with our experts today to find your business’ customized commercial dumpster cost.