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At Budget Dumpster, we keep our commercial dumpster prices low and our billing process simple. With our flat-rate pricing, our customers know what to expect from their monthly bill. No matter what line of business you're in or how much waste you have every week, call us for reliable and affordable trash pickup.

When you rent a commercial dumpster with Budget Dumpster:

Low Commercial Dumpster Costs With Easy Billing

We never want commercial dumpster costs to exceed your budget. That’s why we offer low, flat-rate prices. Our billing is easy to understand because we don't bombard you with multiple line-item charges and fees. When you get a bill from us, you won’t see:

You’ll only see a simple, flat rate that stays the same each month, making budgeting a stress-free process.

Our Commercial Dumpster Pricing:

How does flat-rate pricing compare to the alternative? Below is an example of one of our flat-rate bills. Then, compare it to the example bill with additional line-item charges.

Fixed Rate Dumpster Rental Price

Other Commercial Dumpster Pricing:

Variable Commercial Dumpster Rental Price

Flat-rate billing can save you time and money. You won’t waste time checking every invoice for additional line-item charges when you work with us, and you’ll know exactly what you’re spending every month.

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If you’re new to our scheduled waste pickup services, we can also assist with any questions you have about your schedule and best practices. 

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