There are over 30 million low-income elderly, disabled and veteran homeowners residing in unhealthy living conditions throughout the United States.

That includes Atlanta.

Fortunately, Rebuilding Together Atlanta (RTA) is working to preserve and revitalize low-income homes in Metro Atlanta.

An affiliate of Rebuilding Together – a leading national nonprofit in safe and healthy housing with more than 40 years of experience – RTA provides low-income homeowners with critical home repairs and healthy housing solutions. Its primary objective is to restore homes to a safe and healthy living condition through repairs that have an immediate and long-lasting impact, such as wall and floor treatments, painting, roofing and plumbing.

The Rebuilding Together Atlanta Team

They achieve this through their Safe and Healthy Homes Program, which features two key initiatives: Safe at Home and Green Housing.

RTA’s Safe at Home Initiative focuses on safety upgrades and modifications that enable seniors to age comfortably, safely and independently in their homes. Carpentry, painting, cleaning and yard work are some examples of modifications RTA offers.

The Green Housing Initiative provides energy-efficient solutions that allow homeowners to save money on their electric and water bills, as well as help conserve our environmental resources. Modifications include electrical work, plumbing repair, roofing and trash removal. Since its inception in 1992, RTA has rehabilitated over 800 homes.

“The best part about working at RTA is getting to meet the homeowners that we serve and seeing their reactions to the transformation in their homes. I also love seeing the satisfaction volunteers get in helping their less fortunate neighbors.”

Camille Kesler I Executive Director, Rebuilding Together Atlanta

Kesler has led RTA for more than two years, but her first introduction to the group came as a volunteer in the early 2000s. Volunteerism is a fundamental part of what RTA does and enables the organization to do more with the donations and sponsorships it receives.

“Typically, businesses partner with us for our rebuilds. Their sponsorship funds the project and their staff act as volunteers onsite,” Kesler said. “It’s a wonderful team-building activity for these organizations and a great way to leverage our funding to help those we seek to serve.”

Volunteers Painting During a Rebuild

Rebuilds are one-day projects for the volunteers, but RTA’s contractors are often on-site several days beforehand to prepare the project for the rebuild. If RTA doesn’t finish the work during the rebuild, its contractors go back out to finish.

“We never leave a job undone,” Kesler said.

Rebuilding Together Atlanta Turns 25

RTA is celebrating 25 years of service this year, and in doing so, is working to revitalize 25 additional homes for 25 families, seniors and military veterans.

That includes Maurice and Lamar Godfrey, a military family who recently had accessibility modifications made to their Westview home in honor of Veterans Day.

“We are so grateful for the businesses and foundations that support our work and hope we’ll be able to help even more low-income homeowners feel pride in their homes once again,” Kesler said.

Looking to volunteer for an upcoming rebuild? Contact RTA by phone at (404) 505-5599 or email with your questions. If you want to make a financial contribution, visit their donation page.

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