The appeals of Las Vegas are quite obvious. The majority of visitors come for the entertainment, gambling, world class restaurants and the fountain show at the Bellagio. Almost every visitor will take a stroll through The Strip. But have you ever thought about seeking out the unique lesser known options? I’m here to give you a list of things to do that you might be missing when you go to Las Vegas.

Kiss by Monster Mini Golf

If you need a change of pace, this mini golf course just might do the trick. You won’t find dinosaurs or a jungle, but you will find a 12-foot high Gene Simmons head that you can putt into. This 18-hole, glow-in-the-dark course features Kiss memorabilia along with the rock n’ roll music playing in the background. If you’re a huge Kiss fan, you need to check out the museum. It has everything from Eric Carr’s Porsche to Bruce Kulick’s jacket. For the ultimate fan, it even has a wedding chapel that’s called “Hotter Than Hell.” Even if you’re not a Kiss fan, we guarantee you’ll enjoy this unique mini golf course. You can find this it on Paradise Road across from the Hard Rock Hotel, next to Rumor.

kiss monster mini golf

You may think Las Vegas lacks in cultural attractions, however, there are many significant museums that are often overlooked. Here are two museums that are worth the visit:

Neon Museum

This is a non-profit organization that collects, preserves, studies and exhibits iconic Las Vegas signs for educational, historic and cultural enrichment. The Neon Boneyard features historic signs and displays the development of the city. When you visit the museum you will be guided through an hour long tour. You will get the nostalgic taste of the old Las Vegas as you’re making your way past the neon signs.

neon museum

Discovery Children’s Museum

This museum helps redefine Las Vegas as a city that values culture, an urban lifestyle, and most importantly, its children. There are three-stories to this museum and is home to nine-themed exhibition halls that feature interactive hands-on activities. The most popular exhibit is Water World. Hands-on activities include launching balls into winding tracks and guiding boats through a lock system. You can also interact with a Hoover Dam model that demonstrates where the region’s water comes from, how the dam works, how electricity is generated, and the real-life forces of water. The museum provides water ponchos because the children will get soaked! Get out of the heat and spend a day here.

Water World

Water World


This is going to be the hottest new attraction in Vegas (You can thank me later). The zip line is an 11-story tall, 120-foot high with a slot-machine-theme and is located at the Fremont Street Experience. There are two takeoff platforms you can choose from. The lower level is 70-feet above ground and you zip 850-feet to a landing platform. The higher level, however, you soar 1,700 feet, the entire length of the Fremont Street Experience. Just like the true Vegas fashion, the giant slot machine’s arm will pull down, the reels will spin, and a beacon will light up.


Dig This

Ever wanted to operate a bulldozer or excavator? This may be your chance to make your childhood wish come true! Dig This is a heavy equipment playground that lets you control the massive machines. You will begin each session with a quick overview of safety procedures that you are required to follow while digging. After you learn the safety rules, instructors will show you the ropes. They will walk you through every lever and button. Once you learn the basic operation of the machine, you will go through a series of activities to test your skills. You can scratch “Excavator Basketball” and “Bulldozer Teeter-Totter” off your list of things completed in Las Vegas.

dig this