Las Vegas, Nevada – There is a new facility being built in Southern Nevada and it is not a casino. Republic Services, a Phoenix-based company, announced a $34 million expansion of its North Las Vegas facility. The 110,000-square-foot facility is expected to handle three times the number of recyclables passed through its existing trash-handling center.

Officials say that once complete, the complex will be the largest residential recycling center in the nation. It will be located at Cheyenne Avenue and Commerce Street. This complex is playing a pivotal role in recycling, but it is also an advocate of sustainability. The building will have a 2 ½-acre foot print under a single roof and will be equipped with transparent panels along the top third of the walls that will project ample sunlight for the facility. The facility’s construction will incorporate recycled and reclaimed materials, including recycled steel and drywall.

This massive complex will serve more than 535,000 households throughout the metro area. These include the cities of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Henderson, and the rest of Clark County. Once the expansion is complete, the complex will be capable of processing more than 1000 tons of mixed recyclables per day.

“This is a special day for the City of North Las Vegas, Clark County and customers throughout Southern Nevada,” said Tim Oudman, area president of Republic Services. “It is fitting that a recycling complex of this magnitude is coming to Las Vegas. Southern Nevada is home to considerable natural beauty, and this community is deeply committed to sustainability. We are truly proud to invest in a recycling complex that will help preserve the local environment for future generations, and enable customers to meet or exceed their recycling goals.”

This complex will recycle plastics that are not now recycled by Republic Services. This includes yogurt containers, clear and black plastic food containers used for take-out food, as well as the 86 million milk and juice containers used at the Clark County School District.

bob coyle las vegas

Bob Coyle, Vice President of Government Affairs, during the ceremony of the Southern Nevada Recycling Complex. (Image Courtesy of Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Most of the recycling process will be handled by an automated network of optical sorters, magnets, glass crushers, vibrators and other devices. Despite the extensive use of automated systems, there is expected to be 180 full-time workers employed by the new facility.

It doesn’t stop there when it comes to keeping our environment green. Company Vice President of Government Affairs, Bob Coyle, says that within the next two years they plan on building a natural gas fueling station for the (transfer station) trucks out in Henderson. He says that for every truck we convert from diesel to natural gas, would be the equivalent of taking 300 cars off the street.

If you are not already impressed, this complex will be pitched as an attraction for eco-conscious tourists and students that will have an interactive, multimedia learning center that will explain the recycling process. The Southern Nevada Recycling Complex will be partnered with Cambridge Construction, CP Group and EV&A. It is expected to begin operations in the fall of 2015.

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