Las Vegas, Nevada – In the city of sin, most food is grown outside of the metro area and shipped in from places all across the western US, chiefly due to its location in the middle of the Mojave Desert. To be a sustainable community, the city needs to start producing their own food for their own consumption. Thanks to a local food movement, Las Vegas residents will now have the ability to grow and eat their own food.

This sustainable food movement is called Green Our Planet. Green Our Planet is a nonprofit and education based organization focused on green projects. The organization was founded by Ciara Byrne and Kim McQuarrie and since it began, they have been able to start more than 60 school gardens in the Las Vegas area. The gardens in schools allow for children to enjoy the outdoors while learning about farming and what it takes to grow their own food.

Another great aspect of their gardens in schools is that the teachers get the opportunity to learn about farming and then teach it to their students. A great group of teachers in the area got together with local horticultural experts to create lesson plans for the students geared towards outdoor gardening. This lesson plan is available on the Green Our Planet website for anyone to purchase and use for a small fee.

According to a study done in 2005 by Robinson, C.W., and J. M. Zajicek, a one year school garden program at an elementary school improved life skills, including working with groups and self-understanding. Also, many studies have shown that school gardens work as a means of improving academic achievement, encouraging community and social development, promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as many other positive benefits. School gardens could be the pathway to all different kinds of positive effects in children.

Green Our Planet is also a funding platform for raising money. If you need to fund a project that is dedicated to solving an environmental problem, Green Our Planet may be the perfect option. They require all projects to be completely thought out and have a finite beginning and end. One of the best qualities of Green Our Planet is the fact that they do not charge you to use their website. They are a nonprofit organization so they will only ever ask for donations.

Since Las Vegas is known for its tourism, sustainability can be tough to manage. Thanks to Green Our Planet, many are now getting the chance to showcase their projects and get the funding they need. They do not take a large percentage for their needs unlike most other crowdfunding projects, they help because it is the right thing to do and they are invested in the future of our planet.

According to their website their overall goal is to help protect, conserve and improve the environment through their funding projects and educational based programs in the schools. They are determined to inform and educate the public about the pressing environmental issues facing the planet. You can see their ongoing funding projects on their website and which projects have been successfully funded.

Kudos to Green Our Planet for their commitment to sustainability and proactive stance on improving the environment for future generations. Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments!