Sometimes, we like to stretch the word “recycling” when the story involves something that’s doing some real good for the planet. This is true even if we’re only talking karmic-ly speaking. In Tucson this Saturday, March 7, Tucson Medical Center is going to be hosting a car-seat recycling program. The event will run from 9 am until 12 pm and it will be held in the Medical Center’s parking lot #29. Now, these car seats are not going to be recycled the same way a Coke can or a pizza box would be.

First, TMC will collect the seats from residents that come down on Saturday morning. Then, professionals onsite will carefully assess the seats. Those that pass the inspection will then be donated to families across the border in Mexico, specifically the border state of Sonora. Part of the inspection has to do with the expiration date of the seats, which yes, even car seats have an expiration date. However, what makes this donation program possible is that the date is usually much later than it takes for the child using the seat to outgrow it. So those seats still working properly, and also not expired, will be donated.

The seats that don’t pass the cut will be broken down with certain parts then donated to area companies that can reuse them. See, there’s a little bit of the recycling you typically expect from a story that’s about, well, recycling. We felt with something like this, anyone that can get the word out certainly should. To find out for yourself if the seat you have is expired, just flip it over and add six years to the manufacture date on the bottom. If that date hasn’t passed already and is not right around the corner either, bring your seat by the Tucson Medical Center on Saturday and donate it.

As you would expect, if your seat is clearly broken, there’s no reason to bring it down. But given that it’s not expired and your child has simply outgrown it, we here at The Fill can’t think of a better way for you to get rid of it.

Source: Tucson News Now