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Choosing the Right Junk Removal Option

Getting rid of junk may seem like a daunting task. Finding the right option to do so, whether that be a dumpster, a junk removal service or another option may be just as intimidating. So let’s clear up how to get rid of junk and what options are available to you.

Compare Dumpster Rentals with Junk Hauling Services

The two most popular junk removal options are roll off dumpsters and junk hauling services. While they’re both frequently used to remove household items and assist in general cleanup efforts, they differ in several ways. With each, it’s important to consider cost, type of project and the amount of debris you’re throwing out.

Junk Removal Comparison Chart

Junk Removal Options Chart

When to Use a Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rentals are a popular and traditional junk disposal method. The flexibility they provide is difficult to match, as dumpsters service household projects of all types and sizes.



Dumpster Junk Removal

When to Use a Junk Hauling Service

A number of junk hauling services could provide an efficient alternative to renting a dumpster, especially for jobs with a very limited amount of debris. These companies take the work off your hands and provide a high level of convenience.



Junk Hauling Service

Other Junk Removal Options

Other than renting a dumpster or relying on a junk hauling service, your disposal options are limited but a few do exist. Remember, your decision making should factor in your budget, type and amount of junk and how long you need the service.

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