To the Jacksonville Beach

In mid September, Jacksonville area beach-goers were shocked to find a humongous whale joining them in the sand. The 13 foot, 1,400 pound Cuvier’s beaked whale was rushed to a nearby rescue facility, where it unfortunately passed away.

Shortly after an autopsy was performed by the Georgia Aquarium, which uncovered some scary results. The whale’s stomach was filled with plastic bags, garbage and fishing line. These materials are the primary contributing factors that led to the death of the whale.

dead whale jacksonville


It is estimated that 46,000 pieces of plastic are in every square mile of the ocean. This has made marine animal death by plastic a rather common occurrence. These animals are unable to differentiate the various plastics from food and are unable to pass them through their bodies.

This is one of the many negative side effects of the plastic problem in the ocean. There is no telling how many marine animals die of eating plastic because usually they do not make it to shore.

From the Beach to the Beach Shop

Situated on Jacksonville Beach is Saltologie, a store that sells only upcycled and recycled products.

“Upcycle means to take something that’s been discarded and give it new life by turning into something useful,” said co-owner Aixa Groff. “It’s very green.”

Groff owns the environmentally friendly store with long time friend Lisa Reinke. Together they provide Jacksonville Beach visitors with a wide variety of art, furniture, jewelry, and other one-of-a-kind pieces. They are not only selling them in Jacksonville, but also creating them.


The store is becoming increasingly popular and the same visitors keep coming back to find new pieces. Saltologie is also commissioned to make items for commercial building out of recovered materials. As long as people keep throwing things away, it seems Saltologie will always be in business in Jacksonville.

If you are ever in the Jacksonville area, take a visit to the shop and promote sustainability


815 3rd St N,

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

To Technology Tackling Trash

The City of Jacksonville has battled illegal dumping for many years with limited success. Finally they have turned to technology in what has been coined the “Fight Against Blight.” Jacksonville trash removal

By creating a mobile application, the Jacksonville area residents will be able to take advantage of a wide range of services. From reporting illegal dumping to getting your own trash picked up, users will be able to get help with a press of the button.

Previously, Jacksonville has relied heavy on signage to deter illegal activities. Now with the help of a city committee they will be using not only the app but also a variety of camera covering the most frequent crime areas.

With any application, getting people to use it is the biggest obstacle. However the City of Jacksonville believes since this has been an issue for so long, the area residents are ready for this solution.

Jacksonville is obviously facing a great variety of waste removal issues, but seems to be taking the appropriate steps to take care of the problems. If you are in need of any trash removal solution, contact Budget Dumpster! We are proud to serve the city of Jacksonville. Learn more about renting a dumpster in Jacksonville.