The State of Arizona is home of the Arizona State Sun Devils and to the colorful and intricate Grand Canyon. Phoenix, the state capital, is not only the largest city in Arizona, but the most populous state capital in the United States. Just because Phoenix is a large city, doesn’t mean there are non-chain businesses. When you support a local business you’re not only helping small business owners when you shop there, but more of the money you spend stays there. I’m going to give you a list of locally owned businesses in various industries that I think everyone should check out at least once.


Liberty Market

If you want to eat at a restaurant that makes you feel like home, then you need to check out Liberty Market. This urban bistro has a unique setting and an exciting atmosphere. It is located near the East Valley and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Liberty Market features a premium expresso bar as well as a diverse beer and wine list. Your dining experience consists of waiting in line to order and watching the cooks prepare your food. This restaurant is showcased for its one-of-a-kind bathrooms. There are five unisex stalls with a common sink area. Each stall has its own designed and personalized music playlist. Need reading material? Menu items are scrawled on the wall as well as images of a Vespa ride through Italy. If you haven’t been to the Liberty Market yet, why not? Everyone in the East Valley has!

liberty market bathroom

Recipes on the walls of the Liberty Market bathroom

Chino Bandido

Want to branch out of your traditional take-out cuisine? Then you need to visit Chino Bandido on N. 19th Avenue in Phoenix. This off-the-wall menu has a combination of Mexican and Asian cooking styles. In the fall of 2005, New Times awarded Chino’s Best of Phoenix for “Local Eatery We Wish Were a Chain.” In 2007, AOL users voted Chino’s in First Place for Best of Phoenix “Cheap Eats” category. If you’re as hungry as a bear, we suggest ordering a combination plate. You can get any two entrees, plus your choice of rice and beans. But the fun doesn’t stop there. You can get any entree wrapped into a burrito or folded into a quesadilla. Diversify your cuisine and stop by Chino Bandido!


Auto Repair Shop

Whitey’s Auto Repair

Whitey’s Auto Repair is your typical repair service in Scottsdale. Services include oil change with complete inspection, computerized wheel alignment, clutch and brake replacement and much more. But what makes Whitey’s stand out more than other repair shops? First off, they have convenient service. You can drop off your car the night before and put your keys through their drop off box. As long as you have an extra set of keys, you can also pick up your car when they are closed. Second, they give you an honest opinion about what needs to be fixed and what doesn’t. It’s also a plus that they have genuine customer service and fair prices.

Pet Supply

Noble Beast Pet Supply

Attention all pet lovers! We have a pet store for you. Noble Beast is a store that believes “health is just not for the wealthy.” They provide superior quality natural pet food as well as supplements and supplies for the health of your pets. This family-owned store is located on Camelback Rd. The building may be small, but it has a great selection of toys and treats. So, next time you want to spoil your pet, take a stroll down to Noble Beast Pet Supply.

noble beast pet supply


Melrose Pharmacy

Break away from your chain pharmacy to try this independently, woman-owned business. It was established in 2005 and is located on the 7th Avenue curve. Melrose Pharmacy is proud to be a compounding pharmacy which is the process of creating a customized pharmaceutical product for a specific patient. It has personalized service you just can’t find at chain pharmacies.


I’ve listed only a few of the great locally owned businesses in Phoenix. If I missed any businesses that should be on my list, please comment with your opinions below!