Phoenix, Arizona: Denim is known for being a durable material that can be used over and over again. Some people rely on their precious jeans, day in and day out. Even if they are ripped and tattered, they are still able to do the job.

Eventually though there comes a time, when your old jeans need to be thrown in the trash. You may have heard that Levi’s is able to recycle old jeans into new ones, while other companies can transform denim into a variety of other products. One business in particular is using unwanted jeans to turn them into something you may not expect.

The Phoenix based company, Bonded Logic has partnered with Phoenix Fibers to recycle denim into bedding, wall insulation and soundproofing products. With over 35 years of experience, these companies have established a reputation for providing products that are safe for the environment and those who use them. However, they have only recently received recognition for their environmental efforts.

phoenix recycled denim home insulationBonded Logic’s eco-friendly products are primarily created through donated denim. In 2007, they received over 4,000 jeans from just 5 nearby universities. As the demand for recycled denim products rose, they resorted to purchasing jeans in bulk from organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army. As well as using any old jeans found in Phoenix area dumpsters.

To be clear, any denim is acceptable for recycling, not just jeans. On average, it takes over 500 denim products to completely insulate a home. When it comes to brand new homes, it took 14,566 pieces of denim converted into insulation to fill 30 brand new homes during a construction project.

Bonded Logic will produce over 2 million pounds of recycled denim product this year. The commercially available Bonded Logic UltraTouch Insulation is made from over 80% recycled denim. The remaining material is flame-retardant chemical treated binder and cotton fibers.

Since a majority of the products are created from recycled materials, you would assume these price savings would be passed along to the customers, but that does not seem to be the case. What Bonded Logic lacks in attractive or even competitive pricing, they make up for by supplying a far superior product that does not harm the environment or those who use it.

It’s competition, chiefly fiberglass and foam insulation providers, obviously lacks the sustainability aspect and is simply not as safe to work with. However, not everyone is convinced recycled denim will overtake the insulation market, especially since it costs more than existing materials.

phoenix denim insulation

“Sure, Bonded Logic was the leader in recycled cotton insulation, hands down. It is the fiberglass folks that have been working to catch up, working within their fiberglass world. It took them awhile because they have big ships of investment in technology and machinery to turn in a new direction. It is nice to see them making strides. It’s better for everyone, as fiberglass is still the dominant form of insulation.” says Mick Dalrymple, Senior Sustainability Scientist at Arizona State University.

The main obstacle standing in recycled denim insulation’s way is that many people do not realize there is an Eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass. If you are interested in making your home green, from the inside out, please visit Bonded Logic’s website. Their products are also available in major home improvement stores throughout the United States.