Phoenix has a beautiful climate and a relatively clean city given its size. A community cannot maintain such cleanliness without combined effort by residents as well as sufficient support by local government. The former is relatively self-sufficient and interested in maintaining a clean city, while he latter is in place to provide services, but also levy restrictions to ensure rules and ideals are maintained. Whether residents are in need of recycling services, help with property cleanup, or just improving the safety and cleanliness of the streets, services such as renting a dumpster in Phoenix are available by private companies and the government.

Phoenix is generally a self-sustaining community that is eager to keep properties clean, and recycle goods when possible. In this regard, the city offers fantastic services including an upgrade to same day trash/recycling services in June of this year so that residents don’t have to take their debris to the corner twice a week. City-wide events are also offered, such as the ‘I Recycle Phoenix Festival’ that was held last year which encouraged residents to not only clean up the community, but encouraged sorting and recycling at the same time. The city of Phoenix also offers funding for housing rehabilitation programs that encourage homeowners to improve the quality and safety of their homes, which in turn enhances the value of the entire neighborhood. Through these programs, loans and grants may be offered to assist with purchasing of materials, contractors, equipment and dumpster rental for the work being done.

There is another side to government involvement in waste removal and cleanup efforts, as they sometimes need to step in for irresponsible members of the community. An unfortunate trend in the Phoenix area is the increase in over-the-road collisions caused by loose debris falling from vehicles. When thinking of loose debris, it is common to believe it is coming from dump trucks or trucks hauling construction dumpsters, but there are regulations ensuring such vehicles are transported safely. The most dangerous culprit has been people with pickup trucks that become overloaded and unstable. Such situations have lead to the ‘Secure Your Load’ law, which can lead to fines and misdemeanor charges. In most cases, the local government provides assistance and service, but in some cases can levy punishment.