All across the country, people are taking down their campaign signs from the most recent elections, but one questions remains: What to do with the political yard signs? The city of Phoenix is expressing their support of recycling campaign signs and explaining to their residents how easy it is to recycle.recycle phoenix campaign signs

No matter your feelings towards the outcomes of the most recent elections, you still need to get rid of your campaign signs. Phoenix residents have been encouraged to recycle their smaller signs in blue recycle bins while larger signs can be dropped off at volunteer campaign centers. If you find your town littered with leftover campaign signs, make sure you do your best to recycle.

Yard campaign signs are usually a mixture of wood, metal and paper, and for most of these items to be recycled the sign must be taken apart. Each city has different requirements for recycling, but in Phoenix, if the wooden stakes are not painted or they are untreated, you can go ahead and throw them into your green-organic bin. If the wood is treated or painted, you will not be able to recycle that part.

recycled political sign lamp

Recycled political sign light

It is important to recycle your signs as soon as possible because any campaign sign left out after November 19th will be removed by Phoenix city workers. If the city workers are forced to remove the campaign signs, they will not be recycled and they will most likely end up in a landfill. Please remember to remove your campaign signs so the city is not wasting time and the tax payer’s money to do so.

If you would like to transform your campaign signs into something useful, you can do that too. There are many different DIY projects one can take on to reuse their campaign signs. You could spray the sign with chalkboard paint and use it as a chalkboard for your next garage sale or just as something fun for your kids. If you are into decorating your home for the holidays, you could spray paint it and attach a bow to make the sign look like a present on your front lawn.

Whatever you plan to do with your leftover political yard signs, think about the environment. The planet would want you to make the best possible decision whether that be to recycle, reuse or reduce. When next year’s election rolls around, consider the impacts of campaign signs and think twice before you put up a sign. Share this blog with your friends and encourage them recycle their political signs.