Chandler, AZ, outside of Phoenix has a new transfer station compliments of Republic Services Inc. This new facility from the Phoenix-based company will be able to process over 420 tons of waste on a daily basis. It will cover the areas of Apache Junction, Mesa, Gilbert, Pinal County, Queen Creek, Tempe, and Phoenix. A whole lot of waste is going to have a new home and it’ll be easier to dispose of than ever before. Republic provides “safe and environmentally friendly waste solutions throughout the Southeast Valley.”

This new transfer station should eliminate around 4,000 trips by trucks in the area this year alone, which is around 15 trips a day. The convenient location will also reduce diesel fuel consumption by about 450 gallons per day, or approx. 120,000 gallons this year. According to the EPA, the benefits of this are equal to planting 27,300 mature trees or preserving nearly 900 acres of U.S. forest land.

Alberto Guardado, Republic Services’ area president, gave this quote: “Waste is inextricably linked to population growth and economic prosperity in any community. We believe the Valley’s brightest days are still ahead, and this new facility will support growth in our community for generations to come.”

We can’t argue with more efficient waste removal. Cutting down on the number of trips and saving a few gallons of diesel sounds great to us here at The Fill. It’s also worth noting that this new transfer facility is going to be able increase its annual capacity as needs in the area increase. As populations grow, it’s nice to see that companies are able to plan ahead instead of scrambling to catch up with demand. All of that waste being tossed into dumpsters and trash cans in Arizona’s Southeast Valley will have less of a trek to make in the future.

Source: Republic Services