Residents of downtown Phoenix are getting an innovative new option when it comes to city living choices. Those interested will soon be able to spend $950-$1000 a month to call an old shipping container home. But it isn’t completely how it sounds. If the image wasn’t a giveaway already, there are a few steps in between placing the containers onsite and the new resident receiving their keys. Sixteen shipping containers will create eight apartments, using a design by architecture firm Stark James, LLC.

Each apartment will be 740 square feet and be made of two shipping containers, each unit losing a wall to allow the apartment an open, modern design. There will be a bedroom and a bathroom in each unit, a spacious living room and even a kitchen of decent size. The welded-together containers will be equipped with floor-to-ceiling glass doors to allow for optimal natural lighting. There will also be a common area on the grounds for residents to mingle.

The project is called Containers on Grand and they’ll be located at 12th and Grand avenues and are expected to be completed in time for summer. Reports we found on this new experiment in sustainable living have claimed there will be eight apartments available at the time of completion. However, if you go to the website for the project, they are touting twenty apartments by the time it’s complete.

There is reportedly great interest in the Containers on Grand, but we’ll have to wait and see how this project really pans out. College students would probably enjoy the novelty, along with young professionals. It’s a great idea for alternative residential construction, but it will be interesting to see when/if people age out of living in these structures. At first glance, this does not appear to be an end-all, be-all answer to Phoenix’s congested downtown area, as these apartments seem to appeal only to a certain age group. Crazier things have happened though.

A major benefit of repurposing these shipping containers would be if a developer was able to stack them a few high. In the designs, they are stacked in twos. Is there a way to get any more containers on top of the two? Or is the downside of using these boxes that they can only handle so much weight? It’ll be interesting to see whether building more of these are cost-effective or if it would be better to stick with traditional apartment projects. At the very least, it’s refreshing to see a project that is able to recycle something as large as a shipping container. The designs for what goes in the apartments is also keeping the environment in mind as well. These new living spaces look appealing to the eye, and assuming there are blinds on those windows, residents could probably avoid feeling like they are living in a store display.

Source: Jetson Green

Image Source: Containers On Grand