The Onondaga County Parks are a legacy to Syracuse, NY and many surrounding cities. They are committed to connecting with people on many different levels. The parks provide a place for those in the community to go and interact with one another and experience nature in its natural habitat. The Onondaga County Parks offers a fun and exciting experience for Syracuse community members to get outside and enjoy the city.

There are 13 different parks in the Onondaga County Parks system with one being the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. On any given day you can find multiple events going on in the parks. Whether you want to take a T’ai Chi Chih class or go fishing, the Onondaga Parks have you covered. You can also rent out or reserve lodges and shelters that are the perfect place to host a family reunion, birthday party, wedding, and more.


If you are interested in supporting the Onondaga County Parks they have all different ways you can help, from volunteering your time to donating money. If you are looking to help one of the Onondaga County Parks, go to their Adopt a Park page and check out how you can help each individual park. They have potential and current projects for each park, which will explain how you can help. They welcome new ideas and give the contact information of the person in charge of volunteers for each park.

One of the many reasons we chose to highlight this organization is due to their Green Initiatives. The Onondaga County Parks are always striving to reduce their energy costs and leave a positive impact on the environment. They recycle in all of their parks, use motion sensor lights in others, drive around in electric cars for internal park needs, and they have also implemented reduced mowing areas.


Another great aspect of the Onondaga County Parks is their Passport to Wellness. The parks and Wegmans have partnered together to provide opportunities for outdoor activity and personal wellness for community members through the Passport to Wellness. The passports offer fun and exciting ideas to encourage the exploration of the local parks and overall well-being tips. When you complete at least 8 trails in the passport, you will receive a coupon to your local Wegmans.

The parks also offer many different sponsorship opportunities. Sponsoring the parks is a great way to make a real difference in Syracuse and the other surrounding cities. There are plenty of ways you can sponsor the parks, you can make a year-round sponsorship or you can choose to sponsor a current festival or event. Currently you can sponsor the Golden Harvest Festival at the Beaver Lake Nature Center.


What really makes the Onondaga County Parks stand out from the rest is there commitment to supporting healthy activity and well-being. The parks offer a massive list activities that are offered in each park. Whether you are looking to play baseball with a few friends, go for a swim, or rent a boat, the Onondaga County Parks have you covered.

Since the Onondaga County Parks stretch across most of upper New York, you can easily take a trip to one of the many, or even all 13. Whether you live in Brewerton, Baldwinsville, Elbridge, Liverpool, Jamesville, Manlius, Otisco, Fabius, or Syracuse, you are always close to one of the Onondaga County Parks.

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