Tampa, Florida – Two different companies based out of Tampa are shedding a new light on recycling. The Champagne Candle Co. recycles glass bottles from their various nightclubs and transforms them into candles. While another company called Three Guys, One Vision a.k.a. 3G1V, has started a foam recycling plant in Tampa. Both of these companies are opening up new doors for recycling and showing other businesses how powerful it can be to recycle.

Champagne Candle Co. was founded by a couple of champagne enthusiasts determined to cater to people who love luxury items, home décor and of course, alcohol. They make high quality candles utilizing natural and sustainable materials. Their candles are made out of soy wax from soy beans which is overall safer and it comes from a renewable resource, unlike the standard paraffin wax which is derived from petroleum. All of the candles are handmade and have wooden wicks which crackle like an open fire.

The company gets its name because the candles are placed in rare and unique champagne bottles. The champagne bottles used to make the candles are collected and recycled from local bars and nightclubs. They also have candles inside other liquor bottles such as Belvedere, Cîroc, Patron, Fireball, Don Julio, Hennessey, Grey Goose and Grand Marnier. Some of the champagne bottles also include expensive and rare bottles such as Dom Perignon, Perrier-Jouet, Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades and Moet. They make candles ranging in size from 750 ml to 1.75 liters.

Another environmentally conscious Tampa company is 3G1V. (Three Guys, One Vision) This company recycles tons of plastic foam and sends it to China. This is only the second company in the United States to recycle plastic foam. Plastic foam can be found in almost every landfill and it is not easily broken down. The company is also one of very few to accept “dirty Styrofoam”, which means there may be food stuck into the foam. They have the ability to wash the foam and then recycle it.

Once the foam reaches China, the majority of it is turned into picture frames to be shipped back into the U.S. and sold in retail stores. The company sends about 200,000 pounds of recycled foam to China every month. They also are growing at an alarming rate, according to one of the founders of the company, Bryan Anderson, they have went to running one shift to running three shifts in the past six months. They plan to partner up with Tampa schools, so they can recycle the children’s foam lunch trays.

These environmentally conscious companies are working to maintain their sustainable businesses while helping out the planet. They understand the harmful effects of carbon emissions created from Styrofoam and glass bottles sitting in landfills. Styrofoam is one of those products that cannot biodegrade, so it is important to recycle and glass bottles are very easy to recycle, so we should always support companies looking to reuse their trash.

Even though Budget Dumpster is in the business of removing waste, we like to support companies who promote recycling. We work hard to make our company as “green” as possible  by reducing the amount of paper we use in our corporate office, working to reduce our carbon emissions through fuel efficient routes and more. Contact us today to learn more about our company.