Budget Dumpster Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day 2017

Advocating for Cleaner Land, Air and Water

Each year on April 22, organizations, communities and individuals come together to celebrate Earth Day to increase awareness of current environmental issues. What started in 1970 as a protest for a sustainable and healthy environment has grown to be a much larger movement. Celebrated across the globe, Earth Day is a way to demonstrate just how much you care about the future of the planet. Whether you plant a tree or clean up the neighborhood, it’s important to get involved and keep the momentum going all year long.

At Budget Dumpster, we support organizations nationwide who have sustainable and environmentally-focused missions. Check out some of the Earth Day events we were part of in 2017, then find ideas for making your own contributions to a better planet below.

Ways You Can Celebrate Earth Day

Organize a Community Event

Get your entire neighborhood involved in cleaning up and taking care of the environment. From picking up litter on the streets to cleaning up a local waterway, use these guides to help get you started.

 Guide to Planning a River Cleanup How to Organize a Community Cleanup

Adopt Planet-Friendly Habits

Embracing habits to reduce, reuse and recycle at home is easier than you think.

Reuse & Recycle Plastic Bottles 12 Surprising Things You Can Recycle
10 Tips to Reduce Waste at Home Greenest Cities in the Country
The Dangers of E-Waste Creating a Zero Waste Office

Local Organizations Making a Difference

Looking for organizations fighting the good fight? Check out our recent features and learn how you can support their missions.

Nonprofits Tackling Ocean Cleanups Seabin: Fighting for a Healthy Ocean
Recycling Materials for Education Wetland Conservation Efforts in the U.S.
How Preservation is Sustaining the Future Tiny Homes Elevating the Art of Salvage

Partnerships That Better the Environment

We're proud to have partnered with organizations who clean up, protect and maintain the environment.

Keep America Beautiful
Over the past year, Budget Dumpster partnered with six KAB chapters across the country to support their local cleanup efforts.

Missouri River Relief
Supported cleanup efforts in 2016 to keep the river free from litter, pollution and illegal dumping.

Friends of the Mississippi River
Budget Dumpster is a River Supporter to help them achieve their mission to "protect, restore and enhance the Mississippi River."

Bayshore Regional Watershed Council
Partnered with Seine the Bay Day, where the council conducts a seining survey of Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook Bay.

Donated a dumpster for the 23rd annual Trash Bash, the largest single day waterway cleanup in Texas.

Request a Dumpster Donation for Your Earth Day Event

If you are planning a community litter pick-up or cleaning up the coastline, Budget Dumpster can help. We continue to work with non-profits and community organizations working to better their neighborhood by providing an in-kind dumpster donation.