In a maize and blue town, Meadowlark Builders is going green.

They have been since 2004.

Located in Ann Arbor, Meadowlark Builders is an award-winning, full-service design and build construction company that specializes in green building, home remodeling, and custom home building. They’ve built some of the most energy-efficient homes in the country. Through green building, their goal is to create beautiful buildings that enhance the environment.


Luke-van Dijk“The way we define green building is trying to create homes that are energy efficient as possible, that have really good air quality for the occupants, and in general have good climate control so that they’re comfortable to live in and more durable.”

Marcia Luke-van Dijk, Marketing and Business Development Director at Meadowlark Builders

The company strives for buildings that “behave more like a biological entity.” In other words, “homes that don’t need water or energy inputs to operate, are made from rapidly renewable and ecologically-friendly materials, and support good health both inside and out.”

When building green, there are a few key areas Meadowlark Builders take into consideration. One of which is the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. According to the company’s website, one of the biggest components in the deconstruction and construction process is managing the waste system. In the process of building a home, Meadowlark Builders will oftentimes take wood from the demolition of an older home and reuse it for a homeowner or another project if the wood is good. The company also takes that wood, such as from kitchen cabinets, and repurposes that material and donates it to places like Habitat for Humanity and Recycle Ann Arbor.

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In today’s society, more and more people are opting for a greener lifestyle. We see this reflected in our choices of food, recycling, transportation … and many other facets of our lives. And just as those green lifestyle choices have become more prominent, green building has gone mainstream as well.

“I think the biggest advantage is people look at it in terms of just daily quality of living,” Luke-van Dijk said. “If you’re going to use green building, you’re going to experience a home that feels more comfortable in whatever climate you’re in, and really you’re also going to experience lower utility bills. When we talk about the air quality, we’re looking at more systems that are going to help people have better quality air in the home and less toxic finishes, so in general people’s health is better.”

In general, Luke-van Dijk has found that more people are favoring green homes as opposed to conventional homes.

“The first thing people gravitate towards is energy efficiency and whether or not this will add value to their home over time in terms of resale,” she said. “Those are the first things that people ask about and think about when they’re talking about green building. The market that we’re in is used to this, so I think the bigger challenge is reminding people and keeping the market educated about the benefits of healthier building and lower energy consumption.”

A well-built green home is not only quieter and more comfortable to live in, but it also reduces the likelihood of colds, allergies, and other ailments. Meadowlark Builders’ designed green homes can use a significantly less amount of energy and water, generate less waste, are healthier, more comfortable, and more durable than conventional homes. Green homes also pay for themselves over time. An investment in green features can return as much as 6-7% annually. Green homes are worth more as well, selling for as much as 15% premium over standard construction.

You may choose green building if …

1.) A comfortable, quiet home that costs a lot less over time is a priority.

2.) Energy use and costs are important to you.

3.) Sustainability or having a healthy home is a priority.

4.) You are concerned about environmental issues.

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Projects and services

Aside from green building and construction, home remodeling, and custom home building, Meadowlark Builders also offers complete home design services as well as green design and consulting. Types of projects include historic renovations, home additions, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and zero energy homes.

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