It’s been said that everything’s bigger in Texas. Makes sense. Texas is one of the biggest states (in terms of total area) in the country. It’s second to be exact, only behind Alaska. In terms of architecture styles, Texas is characterized by having contemporary and traditional houses. Its wide variety of architecture styles is no coincidence. In fact, southern states feature many different home architecture styles due to the large size of the region.

And if there’s one company that knows about style of homes, it’s CG&S Design-Build in Austin. After all, the words design and build is in its name. But designing homes is just part of what CG&S does. It was founded as a renovation company over 50 years ago, and to this day it remains the core of the business.

“The renovation process is a give-and-take,” their website states. “For as much as it’s been glamorized in television shows, there’s a lot that happens in between the before-and-after shots you don’t typically see. Ultimately, renovation is about discovering what your house can be, and letting us put in the work to make it happen.”

Their renovation services include full home renovation, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, water damage repair, exterior remodeling, and more. Some renovations have higher return on investment (ROI) rates than others. Here are five of the top home renovation projects for a high ROI in Austin, according to the 2015 Cost vs. Value report published by Remodeling Magazine.

Stone Veneer Accent


For a stone veneer accent, Austin homeowners can expect a whopping 123.7 percent ROI. That’s 31.5 percent higher than the national average (92.2 percent). The average job cost for a stone veneer accent in Austin is $7,023, with a resale value of $8,690. Whether it’s a siding accent, a fireplace accent, or something else, more and more people are developing a keen interest in stone.

Deck Addition (Wood)


With hot summers and relatively mild winters, a lot of time can be spent outside in Austin. What better way to enjoy the nice weather than on your very own deck. A wood deck addition in Austin has an ROI of 116 percent. The national average is 80.5 percent. That’s a 35.5 percent for the Texas state capital. A deck makes for a great addition to any home. The average job cost for a deck in Austin is $8,609, with a resale value of $9,983.

Minor Kitchen Remodel


A minor kitchen remodel in Austin as an ROI of 100.2 percent, 20.9 percent higher than the national average (79.3 percent). Average cost is $17,569, with a resale value of $17,596. A minor kitchen remodel can include anything from replacing the front of cabinets, replacing outdated appliances with stainless steel, installing a new sink and faucet, painting the walls, adding a kitchen island, or more. This isn’t a complete overhaul, just something to give your kitchen a boost. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, consider these 5 makeover ideas that stay within your budget.

Attic bedroom remodel


Homes in Texas don’t really come with basements. Attics, however, are a different story. An attic bedroom remodel in Austin costs about $44,818 with a resale value of $42,982. That’s an ROI of 95.9 percent, which is 18.7 percent higher than the national average (77.2). Most homeowners’ attics are used for storage, but they also make for a great extra bedroom for you or a guest. Since it’s an extra bedroom, the resale of your home automatically increases. See, attics don’t have to be dark and spooky.

Bathroom Remodel


A bathroom remodel in Austin has an ROI of 96.5 percent, costing an average of $14,753 with a resale value of $14,242. The ROI national average is 70 percent. To some, the bathroom may be the most important room of a home. There are some things to consider before a bathroom remodel, such as what you need and what you want. Think about whether you want that walk-in shower you’ve always wanted, a vanity, or something else.

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