When it comes to Charleston, SC the one thing not lacking is their amount of creative DIY bloggers. This popular southern chic city seems to be pumping out new and great DIYers on the daily. Here is a list we have to put together of the top DIY bloggers in the Charleston area.

1. Charleston Grit

Charleston Grit is a website comprised of multiple writers and bloggers. We chose to include this site as a top DIYer because of their section appropriately titled, “Lessons.” They have lots of different How To blog posts along with some DIY type posts. An interesting aspect of this blog is if you want to contribute to their website, all you have to do is fill out a form on their site.

2. The Art of Creating 

The blog for the website The Art of Creating is, Ooh! What A Find and this blog covers a wide variety of categories including DIY. Their DIY posts are all over the board with things such as skin care, cooking, clothing and more. Their latest blog is about winning a framed map of Charleston.

3. The Sunshine Blog

The Sunshine Blog is run by a 22 year old single mother in Charleston named Chloe. She writes about all different subjects including parenting, life advice, DIY projects and social media. She updates her blog a few times a week with a new blog post with lots of great pictures. She is open to collaborating with others and encourages guest blogging.

4. Hominy Girl 

Laura is the writer and creator of Hominy Girl. She is from Charleston, SC and uses her a blog as an outlet. She writes a lot about her wedding, her adventures and some random DIY projects. She seems like a very down to Earth and creative type of person with some great ideas.

5. Charleston Crafted 

Charleston Crafted is a blog run by soon to be married couple Morgan and Sean. They decorated their condo with mostly DIY projects and thrift store buys and wrote about their experience on their blog. If you’re looking for some inspirational DIY projects for decorating a new house, this blog is a great place to start.