Live-work housing is on the rise in many big cities, including Seattle and New York City. Many of them have even adopted plans to preserve and renovate unused warehouses to create modern live-work environments for artists and other young professionals. For example, in 2015 Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City declared a city initiative to build or preserve 1,500 live-work spaces for local artists by 2024. But the trend goes far beyond the Big Apple, with cities in the Midwest seeing it as a golden opportunity to both preserve historic structures and create new opportunities for residents.

Historical Preservation in Cleveland’s Warehouse District

Cleveland’s Warehouse District is a prime example of how industrial building renovation can create new live-work spaces out of structures that have sat unused or underutilized for years. The Warehouse District of today offers a sizable selection of converted warehouse living options, along with vibrant nightlife and delectable food options – all nestled within the timeless character of old warehouse buildings.

Why Convert Warehouses Into Live-Work Spaces?

Converting warehouses into living spaces conserves valuable resources and preserves a neighborhood’s historical architecture and culture. Rather than expending time and energy to knock down these massive brick buildings to build new properties, it is much more environmentally and economically sustainable to renovate and repurpose them into a new life.

Converted Warehouse Living at The Bradley

Exposed brick and beams, lofty ceilings and wall-to-wall window panes are just a few highly sought-after features of a warehouse live-work space. Many are drawn to the history and structure of old warehouse buildings, while others are drawn to the opportunity to preserve their gorgeous architectural detail.

Warehouse Live Work Space

Photo courtesy of The Bradley

The Bradley (circa 1883), one of several converted warehouse spaces in the district, was once home to real estate firms and transit companies. Later, the building housed garment manufacturers and was also used as a printing and typography center through the late 1960s.

Many locals fought for its preservation in the 1970s. And by the early 1980s, The Bradley had welcomed a variety of artists to live in their ideal live-work space. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this beautiful eight-story community cornerstone serves as a mixed-use commercial and residential building modernized for energy efficiency.

Carrie“From the exposed brick, to the rustic wood beams and original hardwood floors, everything tells a story of what once was, which adds a lot of character to the living spaces here at The Bradley.”

Carrie Scully | 5-4 Management


With views of beautiful Lake Erie and downtown Cleveland, this converted warehouse features eco-friendly LED lighting, Energy Star-rated appliances and beautiful finishes that complement its industrial style.

Warehouse Live Work Space

Photo courtesy of The Bradley

Dramatic Rehabilitation at The Cloak Factory

On West Lakeside Avenue, The Cloak Factory offers hardwood floors, granite countertops, beautiful terraces and a 10,000-square-foot roof top garden overlooking the city. Rehabilitated after spending many years empty, these suites now boast beautifully redesigned interiors with stunning character.

Live Work Warehouse Space Cleveland

Photo by Sara Cifani

Bits of machinery detail have been preserved to carry on the building’s factory history, while many modern amenities and beautiful art installations revamp the space.

Warehouse Live Work Space Cleveland

Photo by Sara Cifani

A mixed-use commercial and residential space, this building is home to businesses, work-from-home artists and urbanites. Inspired by the luxurious restored warehouses of New York City, these converted live-work spaces showcase the heart of Cleveland’s Warehouse District.

These are two of the many buildings in Cleveland’s Warehouse District renovated into loft-style apartments. Now that you’ve had a taste of what Cleveland has to offer, let us know how you plan to achieve your own live-work space.

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